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Speak Up: Do Mom's Body Image Comments Matter?

Speak Up: Do Mom's Body Image Comments Matter?

Denise Richards recently told Shape Magazine that she'd never talk about weight around her two young daughters. Furthermore she said, "And they'll never hear me say, 'Mommy's feeling fat today.' That kind of attitude just makes young girls grow up to be dissatisfied with their bodies." And while I can't say I agree with Denise subjecting her daughters to be on her new reality show, it seems as if she's definitely got the body image thing right. I totally agree with her on keeping her, "Do I look fat?" comments to herself. Daughters will mimic their mother's actions right down to asking if they look fat in their pull-ups, which could lead to their own body image issues down the road.

As always I am curious about you guys. Did your mother talk about her own body image issues in front of you when you were growing up? Did it affect you at all? Further more, if you have kids, do you talk about your own body image issues in front of them and do you see it affecting them at all? So speak up and share your comments below.


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