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Clarian Health, an Indianapolis-based hospital system, recently announced that starting in 2009, it would fine employees $10 per paycheck if their body mass index (BMI) is over 30. If their cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose levels are too high, they'll be charged $5 for each standard they don't meet. And if they smoke, they'll be charged another $5 in each check. Depending on their level of health that could mean some employees are out $30 per paycheck. Clarian's reasoning? They are already seeing that unhealthy employees are costing them more than their healthy counterparts in the end due to rising health-care costs.

Clarian's penalty approach is paving the way for the new wave of health. Previously, most companies rewarded employees for doing well, rather than penalizing them for doing bad. Interesting idea, but will it fly?

What do you guys think? Is this a fair approach? Would it convince you to get healthy? Would you like to see more employers taking this approach? Speak up and share your opinions in the comments section below.


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