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Speak Up: Have You Ever Had Stitches?

I'm really lucky. So in my life, I've never broken a bone and I've never had stitches. I cut my finger badly once when I was little, but a trip to the ER only left me with a huge band aid and a root beer lollipop.

So I'm sure you all have a plethora of stories about accidents you've had that resulted in stitches, from sliding into home plate or running into a door jam. Share your stitches story in the comment section below.


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thegrimmdeath thegrimmdeath 7 years
ya 2 days ago my brother threw a shoe and it broke a glass in my hand and slit my wrist i got 6 stitch's Ive broken my left arm 4 times 3 from skating the other falling off a swing Ive broken all my fingers my right arm 2 times the 1st i fell 17 feet of my grandmas deck the 2ND i fell when i was grinding a rail i fractured my femur when i slipped on a pole i used as a balance beam i fractured my right ankle once skating and Ive had many other cuts that should've had stitches but my family is too cheap Ive broken my nose 7 times and that's about it but I'm really retarded sometimes and i don't really care if i get hurt doin somethin so just be careful and you wont be like me :)
mlyn730 mlyn730 8 years
ohh and i flipped over my handle bars and broke my front right tooth on the cement, that was probably the worst feeling ever, it didnt even hurt but when i realized i broke my tooth and knew it wasnt going to heal i cried hysterically
mlyn730 mlyn730 8 years
when i was 5 i got 6 stitches when my mom slammed the car door and i reached in the car at the same time... the door closed completely with my left ring finger stuck in it, then when i was 9 i think i got 3 stitches in my chin from splitting it open on the monkey bars at summer camp... and over winter break im having my wisdom teeth extracted and my lingual frenum cut at the same time soo it should be funnn...
budz budz 8 years
It happend on a early mornin thursday .. mid summer . was very nice out to be workin . i work in construction for a few yrs placein rebar .. very confident as well .. neways i was usin a piece of rebar to pry apart a opening to place a another piece through it .. usin my foot to hold it in place an my hands to slide the other .. well my foot slipped an my face was very close to it an hit me directly in the eye .. imediatly i went to the hospital .. the nurse was in fear for me .. i was rushed away once again to a eye specialist .. to determin i was in need of 15 stitches right across the eye ball it self .. very painful an scared i was to say the least , a month has past an im still un sure if i will regain my sight in the eye ..
Spectra Spectra 9 years
I had stitches in my eye muscles when I was 8 and had surgery for lazy eye, but those were dissolvable and I don't really remember them. I did have an "incident" where I SHOULD have gotten stitches but didn't: I was in biology class in high school and we were dissecting baby pigs. We were given single blade razors to cut the pigs' skulls open so we could see the brain. My partner was gone that day, so I was trying to hold the pig's head while slicing through it with the other hand. The blade got stuck, so I pushed it really suddenly cut all the way through the pig head and landed SQUARELY in my thumbtip. It didn't hurt, but blood was just gushing everywhere. I wrapped my hand in paper towels and got down to the nurse at school, who looked at it briefly and said it was just a minor cut and a bandaid would cover it. When I got home that night, I showed my mom the cut and she said: "Oh my God, it cut through half your thumbtip...we're going to the ER". Apparently, the nurse didn't see that the blade had cut my nail almost in half vertically because I was wearing red nail polish. The ER doc said it was too late for stitches, but he used some sort of special tape to hold the two halves of my thumb together. Oh, and my thumbnail ended up growing back fine...that was my biggest concern at the time, lol.
insanitypepper insanitypepper 9 years
Some of these stories made me feel very queasy. I've only had stitches from minor surgeries, thankfully. The most recent was a cyst I had removed from my arm. Strangers kept asking me what the lump was, so I figured it was time to have it taken out. Now I have a big keloid instead for strangers to ask about.
bluesarahlou bluesarahlou 9 years
Man I love scar stories!! Ever notice that once someone starts a scar reminds people of their scar stories? You could go on for hours! I have had stitches on three occasions, all on my face. From the time I was 6 till 10 I basically injured myself seriously once a year. My poor parents! The first time I was about 6...running in the kitchen with socks on. We had a wood stove on top of some brickwork...I slipped and split my chin open on the bricks. Second time I was uncle was running a beer truck at a festival. It was a big rig with a trailer attached, and keg's inside the trailer...with the spouts attached to the outside of the trailer. I was playing underneath the trailer (it was sunny..not much shade!) and my parents were calling for me to come eat lunch. I ran out, remembered my toys were under the trailer so I ran back to get them. Slipped on the grass, hit the bumper of the trailer with my face. Scraped from my checkbone...up the side of my nose...between my eyes...and up to my forehead. The scar has faded (thank god!) but the stitches were just in my forehead which left a little notch. Age 10 I got in a bike accident. Scraped the entire left side of my face (doctor said second degree asphalt burns), almost broke my nose, dislocated my jaw, and tore my entire left eyebrow off. Stitches in the eyebrow.....and thankfully that's grown back too! I have multiple little scars on my hands and one big one on my knee from that accident...but the only place I needed stitches was for my eyebrow.'s a miracle you can't see much on my face now as a result of those injuries! Just the scar on my eyebrow...but nothing a little filler won't cover :)
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
luckily, no. no broken bones, either. maybe i lead a too-sheltered life?!:)
ovenmitt ovenmitt 9 years
oatmeal, thank you for sharing that! i got the biggest kick out of sutures from your perspective!
oatmeal_bliss oatmeal_bliss 9 years
I've never had stitches, but I love putting them in! The most I've put in were 15 in a woman's arm; she had cut her arm on a piece of sheet metal. It was a nice clean cut but it was only the 4th time I had sutured. It did come together nicely (I wanted to take a photo because I was so proud of my hard work!).
alethia037 alethia037 9 years
When I was 14 or 15 I tried to jump over the tongue of a rusty U-Haul trailer while on a mission trip. We decided to take a big group picture before we left to drive back home... and the shortest route to the picture spot was over the trailer tongue attached to the van. I smacked my shin against the tongue, and the head of a bolt went through to the bone (granted to bone is pretty close on your shin!). I didn't even notice until a friend said "You have a hole in your leg!" I got 4 stitches, and made us all several hours late getting back to Florida!
ovenmitt ovenmitt 9 years
i had non hodgkins lymphoma when i was ten (20 years next week since diagnosis, 18 years this past january since remission) and had part of the tumour removed from my ankle. yeah, i know there are no lymphnodes in my ankle. i always told people i was a weird kid, so having a weird cancer wasn't too far out for me. i also had it in my tibia... like the cancer was trying really hard to look like it was in the lymphnode, but just couldn't make it. eight years after the lymphoma i had a benign bone tumour removed from my knee. i asked my orthopedic surgeon if he could give me railroad tracks and line them up perfectly, but he couldn't. i love my railroad tracks and what they represent. the dissolving stitches on my knee are just sort of sloppy looking. random fact about my surgeon: he loved to listen to john philip sousa in the OR.
kylahbritton kylahbritton 9 years
When I was in third grade I was trying to open a can of cat food and I almost cut the tip of my ring finger off. I got 4 stitches and was the biggest baby ever about it.
BellaSavvy BellaSavvy 9 years
So, my stitches story is quite recent. A few weeks ago, a big group of us were all celebrating a friend's birthday at a local bar. I had just ordered a glass of wine, and was turning around to walk back to our table. Some random, drunken mullet plows into me, knocking his big clumsy hand into my glass. It shatters, and as he stumbles into me, he drives the broken glass into my hand, slicing a nice gash on the top of my pinky. Blood (sad). Spilled wine (more sad?). I was convinced I didn't need stitches, but my in-the-middle-of-med-school best friend took one look at the cut (which also overlapped the joint), and disagreed. To the hospital we went. 5 stitches later, I was still angry about the intoxicated mullet and the fact that I didn't even get a sip of wine before having to go the ER! The stitches are out now, and the scar isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Lots of vitamin E and scar cream for the new few weeks, though!
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Yep but not in years! (thank God)
illmakeyoulaugh2 illmakeyoulaugh2 9 years
When I was 7, I was getting out of the swimming pool, not using the ladder, just hoisting myself over the side. I pulled myself up and then my elbows gave out and I hit my chin on the side of the pool as i fell back. I had to get stiches in my chin. The worst part was the doc using the big needle to inject the anesthetic into my chin before they stiched it up. This was before the invention of the glue that they use instead of stitches for small cuts, which probably would have worked for me. I was living in Saudi Arabia at the time, and thankfully we found a doc close by. It was a bit scary, but everything turned out fine in the end. And of course, I ended up with a lollipop. I have a little scar, but it's not noticable unless I point it out to people.
Zero_Cool Zero_Cool 9 years
When I was 15 I was having a sports physical and they discovered a lump in my neck, immediately sent me off to get it biopsied and when the results came back as inclusive, they immediately scheduled surgery cause they thought I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Luckily I didn't, but it was very scary! And they used dissolvable stitches and this weird glue. The glue was bizarre. About a week after my surgery I was at a bonfire and stood a little to close and the glue started melting down my neck. It burned and hurt sooo bad and all I could think about was that the inside of my neck was gonna fall out the side of my neck! And then 7 months to the day after my neck surgery I had surgery on my toe. I kicked something very hard (don't even remember kicking anything!) and the tendon on my big toe was torn off. The only thing I noticed was at the end of the day my foot was kinda hurting and I couldn't move my toe up or down. Weird, I know!
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