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Speak Up: Have You Ever Jeopardized Your Health?

The world of cycling takes another blow as yet another cyclist — the third this race — has been booted from the Tour de France after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

While doping compromises a sport's validity, a bigger issue is that athletes are willing to risk their own health in hopes of victory. With the Olympics just around the corner, the issue of doping is at the forefront of discussions and at first I want to say, "Why are they so dumb?" but then I am led to my own health blips in life. While I can say that I've never taken steroids, I have put myself on some seriously stupid, and radically unhealthy, diets in hopes of achieving weight loss.

I'm obviously curious about you guys. Have you ever done anything to jeopardize your own health in hopes of achieving something more (weight loss, a trophy, good grades, popularity, etc.)? Speak up and share your thoughts, I know you guys have some great things to add — you always do!


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