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Speak Up: Kelly Osbourne Doesn't Weigh-In, Do You?

Speak Up: Kelly Osbourne Doesn't Weigh-In, Do You?

Kelly Osbourne's bod is on its way to "sick" status, thanks to her stint on DWTS. She's noticeably shed pounds from her middle, giving her an ultra-trim waistline that she's proud to show off. In fact, costume measurements for the show reveal that she's lost two inches from her waist.

Still, while she's focused and committed to getting in shape, she's not about to become a slave to the scale, noting that, "[if] I start weighing myself, I will start being like, 'Maybe I shouldn't eat so I could lose some more . . . I would get obsessed with that fact that I was losing it and I would keep at it."

Rather than fixate on pounds lost, Kelly's all about how dancing has helped her firm up, adding that, "I suddenly have muscles in my stomach that I never had before. It's all hard and it never was like that." Kelly's positive attitude and realistic weight loss goal is definitely something to be admired — clearly, she's found what works for her. But tell me, does weighing-in help you track weight loss, or like, Kelly, is it better to chart your progress without relying on the scale?

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