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Speak Up: Pet Peeves at the Gym

Watching TV at the gym distracts me from getting the most out of my workout, but there's another reason I steer clear of watching the personal TVs on my favorite cardio machines. I've found that a lot of people can't keep their eyes to their own screens and will gaze for an extended period at TVs other than their own. The awareness that someone else has their eyes in my direction is even more distracting than simply having the TV on — to me, it's like a stranger reading over my shoulder.

Sweating it out with others can make the gym a more motivating experience, but as with any shared space, it sometimes tests our patience. What are your pet peeves at the gym?


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crayolasky crayolasky 8 years
I totally agree with greenleafbella. I can't imagine what all of you are doing if you pay THAT much attention to everyone around you... a lot of people complained about other people staring at them, talking, sitting around, etc. but how can you be concentrating on your workout 100% yourself if you're noticing what everyone else is doing? There's things that annoy me at the gym too, but I'm surprised people still work out there if they're that bothered by all of this. I will admit though that I enjoy working out by myself than with other people. But I really do not pay attention to how other people workout or if they do. That's their business, not mine.
greenleafbella greenleafbella 8 years
honestly..i think you ALL focus way too much on other people while your at the gym. you are there for you. and why did you join a gym if you cant stand half of the shit people wear/do/look?? this is the most ridiculous post. i can understand creepers at the gym who stare but come on, if someone wants to wear makeup at the gym who the hell cares? focus on your own workout and own self.
candace87 candace87 8 years
I love this post:) I've thought of a few more for my list.. definitely the naked people running around the changerooms.. but whats worse, is when they come up and talk to you. Awkward much? At least put a bra on before you waltz over here. I agree with all of those who have said when people stare at your stats on the screen, but mines for the opposite reason. I am out of shape. I get it. Don't stare at me and think secretly about how much better you're doing.
sparklestar sparklestar 8 years
Oh! The old lady who swam up my backside yesterday in the pool when I WAS IN MY OWN LANE OH MY GOD ARE YOU BLIND OR SOMETHING?! The lifeguard had to stop her before she sent me under in the deep end!! So that would be 1. People who are bloody stupid then. 2. Young people (12-14 yr olds) using the machines without adult supervision. 3. People who sit on weight machines for like 10 minutes in between their sets it's called QUALITY not QUANTITY for a reason urgh and 4. People who fill up kermassive water bottles at the very slow water machine... and then fill up another one for their partner. :D
Soniabonya Soniabonya 8 years
Read the entire post and commenst and couldn't agree more with the majority of pet peeves here. -sexual grunters (keep it for the bedroom) -the weight droppers (annoying. jolts me out of a workout) -the meatheads -the flirts (tho i haven't been hit on thank goddess. i usually have a 'death to those who come near me' look on my face) -the Juicy bubblegum pop look at me chicks that don't do a damn thing on any machine -the god awful stench of BO (use deodorant!!) -the people who don't wipe sweat off the machines EW! -the people who stare, especially guys. tho i am guilty of it sometimes ^^;; -taking the machine next to me when there are a gazillion other machines open -people who arrive late to class. -people who arrive late to class and then squeeze right in next to you and proceed to interfere with your workout (GRR! i do not like getting stepped on!!) -people who stand right in front of your cardio machine to watch TV. i need space or i am going to smack you with my elliptical handle bar. ugh there's so much i hate about people at the gym, but there is some entertainment out of it :)
jeffleeismyhero jeffleeismyhero 8 years
I've only been going to the gym for about six weeks and have noticed almost everything said so far. There are very few things mentioned so far that bother me. Some of them actually make me feel good :) When a semi-fit person is on the treadmill next to me stares at my time/speed and bumps there's up higher then have to quit or slow to a crawl because they couldn't keep up for even a couple of minutes. I don't care what other people are doing there. As long as I keep improving, the rest of the gym can eat cake. Speaking of food, I like to taunt the people who like to watch my tv by watching food network. Especially during the sweets competitions. I like pushing myself further and watching all of that food just makes me push harder. The other things that bugs me is people who a) come in to goof off and distract others and b) people who see the line of people waiting for the treadmill and decide to ignore it. This makes me wish I had about 50 pounds more muscle so I could effectively enlighten them to the rules of life that they think do not apply to them. They have this one guy (55-65) that talks to everyone next to him anywhere in the gym, iPods mean talk louder. He won't talk to me for some reason (could be the fact that I usually look like I'm pissed off and ready to pass out), but my fiancée make the mistake of using the machine next to him one day and didn't stop talking to breathe (maybe that is why his exercise consists of slow crawls and weight that would hardly challenge a two year old). Gyms aren't cheap. Do people just pay for the social interaction? Some people are there to get in or stay in shape. Take the tomfoolery somewhere else before you hurt yourself or someone else!
PRgopher PRgopher 8 years
Luckily, my gym is on a navy base so most people at the gym are pretty serious about working out. So that solves that pet peeve for me. However, we do have our fair share of grunters/weight slammers. The cardio machines overlook the weight area in the main gym, and it is REALLY annoying to be cruising and listening to your music and have a huge weight slam startle you. Traveling for work, I discovered a new pet peeve. People who come into the gym, lift a weight one or two times, and spend the rest of the time strutting around like they're big and tough.
runningesq runningesq 8 years
hey amerikanbeanhead ! my gym has a BAR in the summer.... yes, workout and THEN down 5 beers. brills. oh, and the stupid smoothie bar! just because it has a fruit in the NAME does not mean it doesn't have 800+ calories.
shiningeyes shiningeyes 8 years
(1) When people hog the weight machines, not to work out... but to watch the people taking a class in the nearby room or to just sit back and stare at other people. (2) People that stare in general. Why is it that some people suddenly think that staring is not rude when they're at the gym? (3) When anybody tries to have a conversation with me. When I'm at the gym, I'm sweaty, tired and not in the mood for chit-chat. (4) When people cough and sneeze everywhere. Stay home if you're sick please. I don't care if people watch TV or read magazines or talk to each other... just be considerate of other people too.
oliviaMay oliviaMay 8 years
1. People who sit on the cardio machines just looking at the TV and not doing anything! Wtf... they are there to be used... 2. Girls who come in groups with their friends and then barely even TRY! There is no point. 3. In the weights classes, people who lift pathetically small weights ... like 2 pounds or whatever, again, there really isn't a point. 4. People who walk around in the changing rooms naked! I'm sorry, I mean great that you're confident about your body but gross, I didn't need to see all your bits thanks.
amerikanbeanhead amerikanbeanhead 8 years
okay granted I totally text when Im working out but I go when the gym is totally dead and Im upstairs and there is NOBODY up there. I have my pick of like 12 different types of cardio machines. My peeves: 1- the old man who feels compelled to take off his shirt in the weight room. umm ew much! 2-B.O. or tons of purfume- IF you stink before you work out just go take a quick spin in the shower it wont hurt! 3-Leaving the heavy weights everywhere- gee thanks for leaving 150 pounds on the bench press. 4-The half yeti man who stares at me like he has never seen a girl touch weights before. 5- The people who wear NO BRA while working out. Umm honey your boobs are at your belly button. kinda need one 6- The women with really big really fake boobs who wears no bra and yet they dont move at all 7-Grunting like your having sex. I mean really. 8- Letting your stupid bratty kids run around and screw around on the machine. You know what we have a game room and a day care center. Thats where your kids belong. I know, I work in there. K thanks. 9-Farting when you are on the machine. Constantly. 10- 1985 called and it wants it leotard back 11-regular clothes while working out. nuff said. 12-stuck up people who assume that because I have a big butt that I am somehow in worse shape than them. my bum is here to stay weather I like it or not. 13-The food they sell at the cafe. Im in the middle of a sweat session and you have to sell nachos and sandwhiches with bacon on it. 14- Not wiping off the machine. Its not *so* bad when it is the cardio machine and your not sitting on it but when they get off the weight machine or bench and its like a pool of sweat. nasties! 15-Taking 900 years at the water fountain. 16-staring at my butt while Im a the water fountain the list could go on and on and on
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
let's see - i have a lot of them 1) when people talk to you at the gym. i don't go to the gym to talk to folks 2) when ppl talk to each other at the gym - SHHHH if you can talk then you're not working out hard enough 3) when ppl talk on their phones at the gym - come on - take an hour off the phone or BB for goodness sake 4) when people use machines but don't really USE the machine. if you're going to hog the elliptical - then can you at least use the machine to it's ability - don't just stand there and look pretty
socktree socktree 8 years
I really hate people who bathe in perfume and then get on the treadmill between me and the fan. I literally have had to quit my workout because those gabbering monkeys felt the need to douse themselves in Juicy Couture before coming in to pretend to sweat.
Jeny Jeny 8 years
lol omg this has been THE best post! hahaha. I've already posted one LONG list of pet peeves but I'll keep going haha 1. Trainers who are training people and it's OBVIOUS they do not take their own advice, eat well, or work out.. how do you get PAID by people to make them tone and you're not? WEIRD 2. Guys who try to pick up girls.. seriously.. a few years ago, a guy walked up to me and started talking but I had my head phones on, so he seriously motioned for me to take them out of my ear and proceeded to ask me 'is that an ipod' and I look puzzled as if to say DUH with my eye brows and then he asks 'how many songs does it hold' uhh buddy i'm in the middle OF A WORKOUT! Get the fk away!!! 3. I belong to two gyms.. one where I train with a personal trainer which is very to-the-point, no frills.. get it done type of place and I belong to another big gym where girls go in pink tennis shoes, with pink tights, a pink top and their make up done.. I belong to that gym for the sole purpose of providing myself with some entertainment haha (but really I train a friend of mine there lol) 4. When I catch a girl staring at me when I take my clothes off in the gym to get in the sauna.. ok, you can glance, but really? I'm straight so back off.. 5. Trainers that hit on me and offer 'free' sessions just to have a reason to see me .. ugh refer back to #1 above lol 6. B. freakin O. SERIOUSLY. omg how can these people smell SOOO bad? I just don't get it 7. Guys who try to jump in a machine and work out with me.. seriously.. i wait about 30 seconds and then do another rep so you're going to hold me up and get on my nerves. I'll come back when I think of more haha.. By the looks of it, it seems like the best idea is to get my own damn gym in my house haha
kclulu kclulu 8 years
Oh and one more thing, people who stretch suggestively in front of everyone. There is one woman in particular who always wears spandex and has huge fake boobs and is compelled to do spread eagle stretches with her legs up in the air and she throws her leg behind her head and basically airs her crotch out for all to see right in front of the cardio machines where it is impossible to not see. It is disgusting.
kclulu kclulu 8 years
This is a great topic, I am glad to see a lot of my pet peeves are everyone elses too. Mainly, this is what gets on my nerves: 1. people who go to socialize and spend 20 minutes hanging off of a piece of equipment while they chat. 2. People who try to talk to you in the middle of an exercise. I always wear my ipod in order to prevent people from talking to me and interrupting but I was in the middle of doing a set of squats and some guy tries to have a conversation with me, hello! 3. People who change the channel without asking everyone if it is ok. Just because I am a girl, it doesnt mean I wasnt watching the football game. 4. Guys who take their wives or girlfriends to the gym to show them how to workout and they dont know what they are talking about so they teach them everything incorrectly. 5. Guys who only do upper boy exercises but you never see them doing any leg work. It doesnt matter if you are huge on top if you have chicken legs you just look ridiculous. And wambalus I also sweat quite a bit (my shirt is completely soaked by the end of my workouts) and have been tempted to take off my shirt and run in my sports bra as well but I have been reluctant to because I wasnt sure if that was appropriate either. I think tlsgirl is right though, sports bras have plenty of coverage, you just risk getting oogled a bit. I may have to just go ahead and rip my shirt off now too!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
misschester - yep, absolutely. Even if I didn't visibly sweat on something I still wipe it down. wambalus - obviously I can't speak for anyone else on here, but I never had a problem when people worked out in sports bras. It's not like you're wearing pasties or something since most sports bras provide pretty decent coverage.
Dublin62505 Dublin62505 8 years
1. What I term the "Bush Talkers"--people you are acquainted with outside of the gym, who feel comfortable talking to you completely nude while in the locker room. No Peak-A-Patch for me, thank you. My sons Spanish teacher is a notorious "chocho" offender. 2. People who apparently need to brush up on Kegels, who find it necessary to urinate all over the toilet seats, instead of using one of the provided toilet seat covers. Several times, I have almost sat down on a urine soaked toilet seat. 3. Gaggles of "Mommies Day Outs"---who are already in another class but go and pre-setup their bikes for Spin and then spend the entire class laughing, giggling, talking about food and NEVER touching the resistance knob. Hence, the cellulite and muffin tops still abound. 4. When you see the same people at the gym day after day, who never get any results. 5. People, who think the cardio machines are for a Sunday stride, step, or glide. Disclaimer: Those recovering from illness or injury are exempt. 6. Fainers- the personal trainer who feigns training knowledge. The trainer the gym hired out of desperation with minimal expertise or experience. Oh, I'm a mirror offender too. However, I don't want to risk injury. It's not like I'm kissing myself in the mirror talking to myself about what a snappin' arse I'm sporting.
Stephie-Hobbs Stephie-Hobbs 8 years
I haaaaate it so much when people don't put their equipment away. I'm at the gym everyday, so I see when it happens, and I always put their mats or plates away for them. So inconsiderate!!
amyerin amyerin 8 years
My gym has towel service and ALL too often I see gross old men blowing their noses in the towels... Come on they have kleenex everywhere for that! It just grosses me out when I stop to think that next time I come back- I could be using that snotty towel!!! Also why does it always seem to be the gross old man who doesnt wear deodorant that takes the cardio machine RIGHT next to mine? I have to restrain my gag reflex during my entire work out!
syako syako 8 years
I've been reading these to make sure I'm not someone's pet peeve! :rotfl: I look at myself in the mirror the whole time I'm doing strength training/free weights so that I'm sure my form isn't messed up... like my knees jutting out past my ankles during squats and lunges... I hope that doesn't annoy any of you! :P I agree with most of these. Some of them are a tad picky, but I realize there's different strokes for different folks. All in all, you have to zone out and focus on yourself or you won't do well in the gym setting.
JustSomeChick JustSomeChick 8 years
I also belong to a women's only gym, so thankfully I do not have to deal with the guy-related complaints. I too am bothered by many of the issues that have already been said, but a big pet peeve of mine is when I see people using machines incorrectly, and a trainer is on the floor (just wandering around) and doesn't correct them. I understand that personal training sessions costs extra, but if you see someone doing something that could hurt them, help them! It should be a part of the job, in my opinion. Taking 10 seconds to show someone proper form isn't going to cut into your personal training income.
misschester misschester 8 years
Should you wipe down the cardio machine even when you did not sweat on it?
wambalus wambalus 8 years
Okay please let me know if this irritates anyone because I'm worried I'm turning into someone else's pet peeve. At my gym, it's a little too warm for me. I like to run on the treadmill, and if I'm doing intervals or pace work I can work up a pretty good sweat. Sometimes I take off my shirt if it's too sweaty and run in my (modest) sports bra and shorts. I usually put my shirt back on once I'm done, but would this irritate anyone? I never notice anyone else doing it, but as someone else pointed out there are a lot of people in the gym that don't seem to break a sweat in the same way I do.
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