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Speak Up: Pets, Planes, and Allergies

If flying for the holidays was on your to-do list, then you may have noticed some furry passengers accompanying you on the flight. I am a huge animal lover, and I adore dogs and cats, but I'm also highly allergic, as are many people. Apparently on some airlines, a certain number of pets are allowed on a given flight, as long as they are in one of those cramped pet carriers that can fit under the seat in front of you. It's not only uncomfortable for the poor animals, but it can be a huge health risk for other passengers who are highly allergic. How odd is it that you can't pack more than 4 ounces of lotion, but you can pack a live animal!

It's awesome that the airline is being so accommodating to people who want to travel with their pets, but have they considered the well-being of passengers who suffer from allergies? For their sake, do you think there should be a rule against pets on planes?


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