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Last year I gave my mother-in-law the Core Fusion Pilates DVD, and when she opened it, I could tell by her face that she was not pleased. With lips pressed, she looked over the front and back, placed it in her pile of gifts, and halfheartedly said, "Thanks." It seems she believed I was implying she was overweight, but I just wanted to share my favorite fitness DVD with her — she often complains about having trouble fitting fitness into her life. I thought we were close enough, but I probably should have prefaced the present before she ripped open the paper. I guess fitness-inspired gifts are not for everyone.

I, for one, love being on the receiving end of health- or fitness-inspired presents and have a few on my list, but how do you feel about receiving them? Would you be offended? Would it matter what type of gift or who the giver was?

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