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Speak Up: Vertical Workstations in Your Office?

The Mayo Clinic has decided to implement the idea of "vertical workstations," which are desks fitted over standard treadmills and they've certainly got everyone up and buzzing.

For the study, researchers asked a few overweight workers to use the vertical station to see how many calories they could burn. On average, it was found that the overweight volunteers burned 100 calories more every hour while walking slowly, 1.6 km per hour, than while sitting in a chair. Vertical workstations are not cheap, as the desks/treadmills are said to cost about $1,600 and they're a little on the bulky side. I wish they had measured productivity in the study as well because I am pretty sure I would have a hard time keeping focus on my work if I were moving on a treadmill -- Though they do say exercise makes you smarter.

I have not decided how I feel about this yet. On one hand I think it is great for people to get moving while at work. On the other hand I think it is just another reason for people to clock more hours and not see the light of day. Besides, there is something to be said for actually taking a walk or going to the gym during your lunch break, at least for sanity's sake.

What do you guys think -- Would you use a vertical workstation? Or would you rather just hit the gym? Let me know in the comments section below.

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