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Speak Up: What Foods Cause You to Overeat?

Certain foods just keep me reaching for more, particularly salty snacks. Refusing to buy the food that makes portion control impossible for you is one way to go, but totally depriving yourself of the things you love is usually asking for trouble. Measure one serving of whatever it is that causes you to overeat and put the larger package away for the next time you have a craving. You might always want more, but savoring the single serving will satisfy without the guilt. Now that you have learned a great technique for dealing with your trigger foods, tell me below what foods cause you to overeat?


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mtnej mtnej 8 years
once i open anything especially bisc.sweet,lolies--also sweet drinks i have to finish them,also bread i have no control---but at the moment,any food
CanadianAlissa CanadianAlissa 8 years
i have a seed obsession, i love the taste and texture of multi-seed, multi-grain crackers. i could eat them forever. anything with a crunchy texture makes me go overboard.
Giasbash6260 Giasbash6260 8 years
Definitely Salmon Belly, Salmon Skin, Hamachi Kama, Sashimi, Ground Beef - I could eat pounds and pounds of these foods in one single sitting!
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 8 years
Depriving does not work. It totally backfires. I must have at least one day each week to eat a cookie.
jstubb jstubb 8 years
Peanut butter is a huge weakness also, but i found a product called "pb2" and its powdered peanut butter and it's only 53.2 calories for 2 tablespoons..i ordedr it online and it kinda helps, but it's so de-fatted that it don't have that extreme peanut butter taste. I do notice that if i have it in the house then i seem 2 refrain from buyng regular pb
danixk danixk 8 years
chocolate & popcorn. that's it, lately.
insanitypepper insanitypepper 8 years
I can't believe French fries only got on mention so far! I can't stop myself once I get started, no matter how painfully full I get. It's best for me to just avoid them altogether.
jstubb jstubb 8 years
Iam a definite cracker/chip and chocolate overeater and cannot figre out how to control it.
almostloli almostloli 8 years
it's ice cream.. and chips >_< oh noooooo ice cream is so difficult to resist!
myystque myystque 8 years
Any food that I really like: cake, chips (especially when you go to a restaurant and they've got chips out), candy...the list is endless. I also overeat when my family has special birthday or holiday dinners because the food is so good!
trish0683 trish0683 8 years
Wheat Thins really get me. I can eat the whole box in one sitting!!
deanna024 deanna024 8 years
Christmas cookies and homemade cake with buttercream frosting. And ice cream.
sugar_me_sweet sugar_me_sweet 8 years
anything with msg in it. it's like crack.
lilxmissxmolly lilxmissxmolly 8 years
super-sugary foods, especially ice cream. also my aunt made these home-made peanut-butter chocolate candies for christmas that were INCREDIBLE! also, this is totally random, but cottage cheese: i never get sick of it, and can eat a million bowls of the stuff.
audrina audrina 8 years
LAY'S POTATO CHIPS!!! I can't leave them alone!!!! Its the salt thing. I also love pretzels and cheetos. I just can't stop eating them. Also next on the list is probably pizza. Good pizza.
fashionplate525 fashionplate525 8 years
Apples are my favorite food, too Mila_83 (Honeycrisp and Fuji are my favorite!) But also, starch snacks, like crackers, rice, cakes, etc. Oh and cheese!
magickofreiki magickofreiki 8 years
pizza and lasagna or any cheesy italian dishes really.
daisyblink daisyblink 8 years
i know that this will be random: steamed artichokes leaves with a buttery or lemony dressing... because i can't when enough is enough
karen-zoo karen-zoo 8 years
Pringles. Doritos. PMS. An exceptionally bad day. I often overeat on special occasions but in my opinion that's alright.
lamicmic lamicmic 8 years
apple crisp! i can eat disgusting amounts of it. Whenever i bake a pan, i portion out all the servings so i don't overdo it in one sitting. I guess it's pretty "guilt-free" as i make it with splenda and a very tiny amount of margarine also, APPLES! i worked it out once and discovered that i eat around $12 worth of apples EACH WEEK! And finally, (i don't know if this counts) coffee - not starbucks rancid-burnt crap but the organic green beans i roast at home. mmm...the only thing that stops me from having more than 2 cups is the overcaffeination factor!
Sinazucar Sinazucar 8 years
All "healthy" Protein Bars. I keep telling myself that they are good and I en up eating two or three instead of one. I need to keep away from them... an stick to a ark chocolate.
Sarah10563 Sarah10563 8 years
ha ha it's so funny that ice cream, peanut butter, and chocolate top most people's lists, they are definitely on the top of mine, especially moose-tracks ice cream which incorporates all three!!! but when i'm craving salty its chips and salsa, i can't get enough.
ahaynes ahaynes 8 years
Cheese Curls!!!!!! Specifically the Cheetos Natural white cheddar ones. I could eat half a bag and not feel bad about it :) Pizza of any type also gets me everytime
kgr3p18 kgr3p18 8 years
basically anything that contains sugar or is sweet, which is why i have stopped by anything with enormous amounts of sugar and i am eating more protein which is helping
courtneyd courtneyd 8 years
The latest was a box of Godiva chocolates - gone in 3 days. Which, actually, is a record for me. They're usually gone in one! I'll devour chips, ice cream sandwiches, and Papa John's pizza never fills me up. I eat half of a large, and if there's any left from my husband, I'll start noshing on his side too.
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