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Speak Up: What's Your Goal?

Speak Up: What's Your Goal?

We all have different reasons for exercising and eating right, which means we all have different goals in mind as well.

I am curious what your personal goal is. It doesn't have to be big - maybe just to fit into a size six. Or maybe it's that you want to be able to chase after your toddler. Perhaps you've got a special event coming up that you want to look and feel good for. Or maybe it's as simple as going to the gym five days in one week. It could even be as broad as that you want to be healthy and live longer. A goal, no matter how big or small is still a goal.

No matter what your goal is, setting one is important. So speak up and share your personal goals in the comment section below - not only is it a good way to remind yourself of why you want to get healthy, but also it can help motivate others who are still searching for a reason.


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