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Speak Up: What's on Your List for Santa?

Speak Up: What's on Your List for Santa?

The time of year has come for good girls and boys to break out the pen and paper to ask Santa for what we really want this year. Since Santa brings toys, not six-pack abs, it's a good way to list all the things you want to accomplish on your own. Here are mine:

Dear Santa,
Sorry to hear that they're making you slim down, I'll be sure to leave you some water and fruits and veggies this year. Moving on . . . This year I have been really, really good. I've gone to the gym about three times every week and I've really been trying to eat healthy, overlooking Thanksgiving, of course. This year I really want six-pack abs with a bikini to match. I am also hoping you could bring me some willpower to stop at just two slices of pizza. Finally, what I really want is a workout buddy. I am not sure how you'll stuff him or her in the bag, but this would make me really happy.
Love, FitSugar

P.S. If these don't work, then check out my gift guides.

Share your letters to Santa for what you want, health and fitness wise, from Santa this year in the comments section below.


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