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Spring and summer are approaching really fast... which means skirt and bikini season and you may want to start toning those legs.

One great way to get killer legs is by taking a spinning (or cycling as some gyms may call it) class. The class consists of students, stationary bikes, an instructor and music. Basically what happens is the instructor takes the class on a ride, which can include sprints, hill climbs and other exercises like intervals and circuits -- Some gyms even have a video screen that simulates your ride. It depends on the class but they can run from 45 to 60 minutes long and are typically set to fast paced, pump-you-up music.

Biking on the stationary bike at the gym is not even close to being the same kind of workout. The spinning bikes have a weighted flywheel in the front that picks up speed as you pedal. Also, there's a knob below the handlebars that allows you to adjust the tension, making pedaling easier or harder, as you ride along according to your instructors guidance. It's much more like a real bike than the other stationary bikes you would find in the cardio room at a gym.

Unlike most group classes, spinning does not require major coordination -- There are no complicated moves to follow. However it's still an incredible workout and since you are able to control your own bike's tension, you can stay in an exercise zone that fits your fitness level (but don't go too easy on yourself, it's meant to be a good workout, not easy).

The best part about spinning? The calories burned can add up to 500 calories per class. Plus it is great leg shaper for toning your glutes, thighs and calves.

Ask your local gym what spinning (or cycling) classes they offer. You can also find classes near you and see if there are any free classes offered near you at

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pink_orchid pink_orchid 10 years
i love spin. but a tip for newbies... when you go to stand make sure your balanced or you might fall off the bike... or maybe im the only one clumsy enough to do that on a stationary :)
SU3 SU3 10 years
I second the bike shorts with padding... trust me, it's a GREAT idea after a couple spinning classes. It's a great work out and you definitely feel it after a while.
yamahamama yamahamama 10 years
Oooo! I heart spin! After a couple of months, I could feel the difference in my rear. People ask me if it's hard, but I tell them that you are in charge of your own difficulty level, so it's not too difficult even if you're new. No special equipment is needed for the beginner, though bike shorts with padding could make it more comfortable, as can a gel seat cover. Inexpensive. I spun for several years before getting a pair of bike shoes, so regular tennies are fine. Best of all, it's no-impact.
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