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Spring Biking Tips: Mudguard

Spring time can be a wet time. So when you're biking, nothing is more annoying than having mud splash up onto your butt and back (especially if you're biking to work).

You could pack a change of clothes, but why not stop the problem where it starts? Since you can't stop the rain from falling, you've got to stop the mud from splashing. Do your clothes a favor and get a mudguard.

This one is called the Flinger Portable Rear Mudguard. What's so great about it? For one thing, it's cheap ($12.99), and can be easily attached and detached. Once you take it off, it can retract (like a pirate's telescope) to a compact size, and placed in the convenient little storage bag that comes with it. So after you get to where you're going, you can stick it in your backpack.

Another great thing is that it's got reflective trim on it. You really can't have enough of that stuff when you're a biker.

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the-clam the-clam 10 years
Good point! It must be because I've been working on a pirate movie for the last 6 months...everywhere I look I see pirates. :)
Fitness Fitness 10 years
the clam - I wrote "pirate" telescope to give you more of a visual, since those can retract back into a tiny thing (just like this mudguard). Regular telescopes don't do that, you know?
the-clam the-clam 10 years
Fit, I have a weird question. Why did you write "pirate telescope" instead of just telescope? I ask because I secretly believe pirate themes and paraphernalia have infiltrated out culture...
Skinplistic Skinplistic 10 years
Nice! I just bought my forst bike (since childhood) this is great!
scratch5 scratch5 10 years
These things are great if you are riding around town on wet pavement so you don't the splattere skunk stripe up your back.
LaylaCams LaylaCams 10 years
How neat!
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