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Add Your Desk to Your Spring Cleaning List

If Spring cleaning is in your future, and even if it's not, don't forget to add your desk to the list of things needing a cleaning. In fact, you should really clean your desk every single day. Why, you ask? Well experts claim that there are some 10 million bacteria under your hand when it's resting on your desk and desktop bacteria can stay alive for up to three days. Yuck.

So wipe your desk (mouse, keyboard, phone, etc.) down every day and also try to eliminate some of your germ attracting clutter (picture frames, stacks of paper, lotions, etc.), which is responsible for making women's desks germier than men's. The easiest ways to ward off germs from your workspace aside from decluttering and giving it a daily wipe down? Wash your hands throughout the day (especially after using the bathroom, sneezing and eating) and try to avoid eating at your desk if at all possible.

Fit's Tip: If you have a reusable water bottle that you keep on your desk, by sure to wash it daily as well, as germs love to live in moist places.


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