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Spring Cleaning for Allergies: The Bedroom

Allergies happen. It is just a fact of life. Spring time is lovely with everything budding and blooming and spreading pollen everywhere. Making sniffling and sneezing part of everyday life. Now, that spring has come (well in some parts of the country it is on its way), it is time to do what you can to keep allergies in check.

Spring cleaning is a great way to welcome the change of seasons, and it is great for cleaning up allergens. Your bedroom is a great place to start your allergy proofing. Here are a few tips that should help reduce your symptoms.

  • Use allergy-proof covers on mattresses, box springs and pillows. Check out these dust mite proof pillow for $19.99 from National
  • Wash sheets and blankets in water heated to at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit since this will kill any of those pesky mites.
  • Vacuum carpets weekly with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a small-particle or HEPA filter. I love my Dyson for this reason.
  • Consider removing carpeting, especially where you sleep, if you're highly sensitive to dust mites. This is a difficult one since carpets and rugs decrease noise, but consider small area rugs that you can wash regularly (above 130 degrees, of course!).
  • Think twice about letting your pet sleep on your bed or on your couch; pollen clings to pet fur. It is hard to move "your best friend" out of your bedroom, but this can be so very helpful at reducing your symptoms.

Sure do hope these help.

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