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You and I both know that there's safety in numbers. Not only is running with someone a great way to protect each other from harm or get help in case of an emergency, but it's also a great way to stay motivated if you're trying to get in shape.

Having the desire to be a healthier, happier you is an awesome way to live, but no one ever said you had to do it alone. So this Spring, get yourself a running buddy. It could be a close friend or relative who shares the same goals of wanting to be healthier. Or maybe it's someone you met at the gym that shares your love of running. Make sure you share a similar lifestyle schedule, like you both work 9-5 and can exercise after or before work.

You also want to make sure that she shares your wellness goals - If you plan to run on Sunday mornings, you don't want your running buddy calling you up to suggest brunch instead.

When you do find your running buddy (or buddies), determine together your running schedule. Plan out what days work for you both, and what times you prefer to exercise. Once your running schedule is set, you'll be able to inspire each other to stick to it.

Fit's Tips: Set a reasonable goal you both can meet. Start off with one day a week, and then if it's working with your schedules, add another day or two. It's a great time to work your heart and muscles, release stress and tension, discuss healthy recipes, or vent about your problems. It's multi-tasking at its best.

1stharbinger 1stharbinger 10 years
Is it a bad idea to run with someone who is in very different shape than you? My friend who runs is on the cross country team, while I just started running.
Tnkrbelli Tnkrbelli 10 years
They usually end up on a bike riding next to me while i run! :ROTFL:
Tnkrbelli Tnkrbelli 10 years
I usually run alone but maybe I'll think about getting a running partner. As long as they are as committed to doing it as I am. It's hard to find that in my friends...hahaha.
scratch5 scratch5 10 years
All my friends that run live too far away to exercise together and that makes me feel sad.
abbyk abbyk 10 years
a long time friend and i just started running a couple nights a week together. not only is a great time to chat during busy weeks, but it really does make it go by quicker and i usually run a bit faster without even thinking about it!
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