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Spring Running Tip: Pepper Spray

Woman have to be careful when running alone outside. It's an unfortunate fact of life. Now that the weather is beginning to warm up, you might have that motivating itch to run outside.

Of course running with a friend is always a safer choice than running by yourself, but if you're like me, you can't always coordinate with your friend. Exercising is also a time for me to be alone with my thoughts, so running with someone would defeat the whole purpose.

Some women feel safer running with some protection. Check out this pepper spray for active women. It has a velcro strap so you can attach it to your clothes. Or, you can even wrap it around your palm in case you need to make a quick response.

Pepper spray is non-toxic, so it won't cause any permanent damage, but it is hot. It's made from cayenne peppers and contains 15% of capsaicin, the heat creating substance found in the peppers. It can fire up to a distance of 18 feet, and the effects can last up to an hour. Each holder can spray about 20-25 1-second bursts.

Fit's Tips: You can order one for $10.50 or 3 for $29.25. It's a small price to pay for your peace of mind.

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superjules superjules 10 years
I want to get something for my daughter who's starting college in September. Cal State East Bay! Maybe I should consider a tazer?
Fitness Fitness 10 years
Pepper Spray IS legal in all 50 states. However, some states and cities have specific regulations pertaining to the purchase, possession and use of defense sprays. NY, MA, MI, WI, and CA have certain rules so check with your local law enforcement agency to find out.
superjules superjules 10 years
I'm sorry I didn't see the other post. Be careful with your pepper spray/mace. My friend has some and tested it one day and all that happened was it dribbled out. She had never used it before! So check it every once in awhile just to make sure it works.
superjules superjules 10 years
Is it legal in all states? I know it's not the same thing but do you know if mace is legal? Or is it just for cops?
SU3 SU3 10 years
Definitely STAY SAFE ladies!! :)
SU3 SU3 10 years
I've done the looping a rubberband through the key ring and then looping it around my bra strap. I couldn't think of a better place and haven't had any problems with it...
amandasunly amandasunly 10 years
This is important, I've heard so many stories about women being raped and killed while jogging in the wee hours of the morning. That just sent me chills up the spine. Keep safe!
geenbean geenbean 10 years
simplybe...No permit needed, I recently bought Mace. Or at least I thought it was MAce!
esk4 esk4 10 years
if you hate carrying thing nike has running pants shorts and skirts with a little pocket on the back to hold say a key or inhaler
simplybe1 simplybe1 10 years
i also saw these socks in an avon catalog that had a little zippered pouch on the ankle. that would be handy for small objects (i believe it was intended for money, etc)but a single key would fit nicely. i hate carrying keys with me when i go out for a walk, and my house is not a place i can leave unlocked. i thought you had to have a permit for pepper spray or is that only mace? i also heard mini bottles of aresol hair spray work in a pinch (if you can actually find one in the travel section).
Athena1 Athena1 10 years
I hate carrying things when I run too. I have pockets in my track pants, but it's still annoying to have my keys in there. Carrying the spray would be hassle. Thanks for the tip though.
geenbean geenbean 10 years
Thanks, Fit! I have tried the key in the shoelaces thing, and I am always paranoid I am going to look down and see that it's gone about 2 miles into my workout! I need to invest in running clothes with little pockets. Snowyday...the pepper spray incident on the Office last week was classic. Can't wait for this week's ep!
Fitness Fitness 10 years
I hate carrying things too!! If it's cooler out, I wear a long sleeved shirt that has a little zipper pocket attached, and I put my key in there. If it's hot out, I slip the key off my key ring and tuck it in my sports bra. I've also tried attaching it to my shoe, but I don't like they way it jingles when I move.
snowdaytoday snowdaytoday 10 years
Pepper Spray? This totally reminded me of last week's episode of the Office!!
geenbean geenbean 10 years
It's a good idea...but I just can stand having anything attached to me while running! I even locked myself out of the house last week after going on a run because I forgot to unlock the back door since I hate carrying a key. Not the smartest thing, I know... Fit, do you have any recommendations for keeping you house key secure while running?
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