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Sprinting Benefits

The Running Technique Every Woman Should Do More of, According to 2 Experts

When you look around at the popular fitness programs that are circulating online, you'll more than likely see weightlifting programs or cardio sessions. These certainly have their time and place, but a lot of experts insist that we don't forget about the basics when it comes to fitness and weight loss. POPSUGAR spoke to Aubrey Marcus, founder and CEO of Onnit, wellness expert, and author of Own the Day, Own Your Life, who had a lot to say about the current landscape of women's fitness.

Aubrey pointed out that most of the fitness content you see online these days is totally aesthetics-based. "It's more about how big the booty is and what the aesthetics purely look like, and a lot of the workouts, food, and everything is geared toward the looks, not how well [women] move," he observed.

We asked him if there's one particular workout or exercise that women should do in order to achieve a more functional, well-rounded level of fitness. "I think a lot of times women neglect natural movements that humans are designed to do, and I think one of those [movements] is sprinting," Aubrey said. "You look at a sprinter's body and you're talking about aesthetic mastery, and how are they training? Well, they're f*cking sprinting a lot."

Aubrey said that it's common to see women going for a jog or a hike, and that's certainly a good way to fit in some steady state cardio. But if you want to achieve an optimal level of fitness or shed fat and tone up, Aubrey urges you to sprint. He recommends sprinting 20 for seconds, then resting for 10 seconds. A few rounds of this and you'll be toast. Alternatively, you can grab a workout partner and take turns running 0.10 miles on the treadmill as fast as you can. "Do a total of five reps of that, and you end up sprinting half a mile," Aubrey explained.

If that's not enough to convince you, we also spoke to Tamara Pridgett, former all-American college sprinter and personal trainer (and also an editor at POPSUGAR). "Sprinting is great because it's a total-body workout that can be done anywhere," she confirmed. "Not only are you going to be burning fat during the workout, but you'll benefit from the afterburn effect as well."

Tamara told POPSUGAR that sprinting is "a functional movement that can be applied to everyday life," and it also helps you "get more defined legs quickly because it's a power workout." So whenever you get the chance, put long-distance running aside and try a few rounds of sprints!

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