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Squat Walks With a Resistance Band

Squat Walk This Way: A Tush-Toning Thera-Band Exercise

When exercising, it's crucial to concentrate on your glutes. These muscles help stabilize and support your legs, back, and pelvis, and if you slack on working this area, you will begin to feel it in your back. To get you on your way, try this squat walking exercise with a Thera-Band. (The exercise can easily be done without the use of a Thera-Band, but the resistance helps to really target the glute muscles.)

Keep reading to see a demonstration of the squat walk exercise.

  • Tie a resistance band around your ankles. Start with a lighter band (red/medium) and work your way up to a heavier band (green/advanced).
  • Begin standing with feet directly underneath your hips, abs and gluts engaged, and hands on your hips.
  • Squat halfway down and sidestep to the right as far as you can manage without splaying the knees inward. Bring the left leg toward the right with enough space to keep some resistance in the band. Concentrate on keeping your pelvis straight and sturdy and and avoid rocking your body and pelvis as you walk.
  • Step to the right 10 times, then reverse, stepping to the left 10 times. Repeat for three sets.
  • Then complete squat walks, stepping forward 10 times (squat halfway down and step forward as far as you can while maintaining proper form), then reversing, stepping backward 10 times. Concentrate on keeping your feet at shoulder distance. Remember to remain steady as you walk, avoiding any major rocking motions with your body, especially the pelvis. Repeat for three sets.

After completing the exercises, be sure to stretch the leg muscles or roll out your IT bands and glutes using a foam roller.

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