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Start! Moving: A New Exercise Program Offered by the American Heart Association

Did you know that, according the the American Heart Association, adults may gain as much as two hours of life expectancy for each hour of regular, vigorous exercise, even if they don’t begin exercising until middle age?

To get Americans up and moving, the American Heart Association is launching Start! – a new movement to help Americans improve their health by walking. Start! encourages corporations and the workforce to promote physical fitness and break down the obstacles that keep Americans from being physically active. The movement focuses on walking as an activity because it’s accessible, free and has the lowest dropout rate of any type of exercise. With the online fitness and nutrition tracker, participants can enter what they eat each day and how much they are exercising, then get a summary of calories in and calories out.

Celebrities such as Jane Seymour, Vanessa Williams, Vanna White, Dave Koz, Hector Elizondo, Robin Roberts, Jared Fogle (and others) have signed on to support the Start! movement by participating in a FREE Wake-Up Call promotion. From now through Feb. 5, you can visit the Start! Web site or call 1-800-AHA-USA1 and sign up to receive recorded phone calls from celebrities encouraging you to start walking and eating better to lead a healthier, longer life.

Fit's Tip: Be one of the first 10,000 people to register now for MyStart! Online and receive a Start! shoe wallet – a perfect way to carry your keys, ID and money while on the go. Just clip it on your shoe and Start! walking!

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missxvicious missxvicious 8 years
I agree with tra.I think you just gave me even another reason to start working out and eating better fit with the whole ''American Heart Association, adults may gain as much as two hours of life expectancy for each hour of regular, vigorous exercise, even if they don’t begin exercising until middle age''.I think I may start working out today.Seeing as I am only 19.Why not start thinking ahead to when I am older
DStirk DStirk 10 years
haha. what you guys dont consider the subway guy an a-lister? I have got to say though, vanna looks pretty good after all these years, so i'll take her word for it.
scratch5 scratch5 10 years
I totally agree with you tra. I haven't even heard of some of those people. Maybe I need to get out more....and walk. hahahah - i laugh at my own stupid joke.
tra tra 10 years
This is a great idea but they need celebs that are above the D list. My workplace just initiated a wellness competition where each location is broken up into teams to have a "healthy" competition for fitness. Me and my new treadmill will ad at least 2.5 miles of walking/running a day to my team's efforts! I'm going to pass on this tid bit to our wellness team!
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