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A Starter Swim Workout: Getting Back Into Swimming

Get Back Into the Swim of Things

It's Summer, and that means pool time. Besides being a fun recreational activity, swimming is a great way to burn calories and stay cool. And since getting back into the routine of swimming can feel a little daunting, I made a workout for you. I think it's a good idea to have your exercise plan in hand when you work out, so print this page and take it with you to the pool. If you're new to swimming, here's a beginner swim workout to get you started.

To check out the workout, continue reading.
100 yds freestyle — easy
100 yds pull* freestyle
50 yds kick** freestyle
50 yds kick backstroke
50 yds kick breaststroke

The Main Event:
200 yds freestyle (rest: 30)***
100 yds backstroke (rest: 15)
50 yds freestyle (rest: 10)
200 yds medley — your choice of strokes, mix it up

100 yds kick medley — you choose strokes
100 yds freestyle — easy

TOTAL WORKOUT = 1,100 yards
Distance = .67 miles
( a swimmer's mile is 1,650 yards not 1,750 — or 1,500 meters)
Repeat the main event and add an extra 550 yards for a total of 1,650 yards, or a mile!

*Pull: Hold a buoy with your legs and use only your arms to swim
**Kick: Use a kickboard and use just your legs to power yourself across the pool
***Rest the listed amount between reps/laps

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