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Stay Cool in the Pool

After watching a week of Olympic world record breaking swimming at the Olympics, doesn't jumping into a pool seem like the thing to do. Even if lap swimming seems unappealing, the intricacies of the synchronized swimmers might inspire you to get in the water and test out your aquatic dance moves.

Swimming is my favorite way to exercise and stay cool. If you are starting to see the pool as a workout resource, then check out these swim workouts. However, if you are just beginning to swim for exercise, then you should start with the six week Zero to a Mile swim program.

If swimming laps isn't for you, then you can see how many calories you can burn by treading water if you


If you still crave pool time, you can work out in the water without freestyle, backstroke or butterfly by treading water. Doing so for 15 minutes burns 68 calories. This may not sound like a huge amount of calories burned, but if you are spending the day at the pool you could repeat your 15 minutes water treading four times and burn 272 calories — not bad. While treading, practice with the grace and poise of a synchro swimmer and your respect for that sport will surely soar. Here are some more water exercise alternatives, if you're bored with swimming laps.

How do you like to exercise in the pool? Or are you more of the lounge chair type? Tell me in the comments section below.


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lexichloe lexichloe 8 years
I've been a swimmer from a young age. Although not everyone has easy access to a pool, there's usually a YMCA around. Swimming does so much for your body, I'd do it everyday if poss.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i used to lifeguard and would say that swimming or being around a pool i the BEST thing during the summer. when it's hot, you can jump in and cool off - when you want to work out - you can jump in and do a few laps, or you can just have fun. as for the synchro thing - i doubt that i'll be very good at that. you have to have a lot of strength and i kind of feel like i wouldn't be able to hold my breath for long enough. those girls are under water for a LONG time .
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