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Stay Warm at the Office

If you work in front of a computer all day, sitting at your desk can be bad for your circulation. This makes for cold feet and hands, especially in the winter.

Being cold is more than uncomfortable - it's bad for your immune system. It has to work extra hard, trying to warm you up, when it should be focusing all its energy on fighting germs that may come its way. Being cold might actually give you one.

Well, you can keep your tootsies warm with wool socks and warm shoes, but what about your hands? You can't exactly work with down mittens.
Check this out - A heated mousepad - kind of funny looking, but totally gets the job done. It's basically a fish-shaped sleeping bag - just slide your hand and mouse inside and your hand will stay toasty warm.

Too weird for you? How about these $22 USB Gloves. They're heated and have open fingers so you can type.

Want to a look a little more professional? You can also get a heated computer mouse for $22.

Fit's Tips: Stay warm - stay healthy.

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