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10 Healthy Perks I Miss From My College Days

School's out, and for many newly minted college grads, it's finally out for good. And while all of us college grads — recent or not so much — may remember the lack of sleep, the study session snack attacks, the constant eating out, and other memories of a not-so-fit past, there were also many healthy perks from being a college student. Here's a look at 10 fit and fun things I miss most about those years.

  1. Workout buddies: For me, workout buddies are important to my gym routine: we motivate and hold each other accountable when anyone feels like canceling. And in college, it was hard to back out on a daily run when my workout buddy was just a few dorm rooms away.
  2. Free use of the gym: I got my first taste of treadmills and weight rooms at the sports center at my university, which brings me to another reason why workout buddies are a necessity — they can show you how to work the equipment so you don't feel embarrassed about screwing up.
  3. Health clinic: I loved that my university's health clinic was close, had flexible hours, and that it had an ask-a-nurse hotline for those somewhat-emergency situations.
  4. Dining hall options: Sure, who needs oatmeal when there's a make-your-own-waffle machine, but if I was feeling healthy, the dining halls had a good selection of cereals, yogurt, and fruit so I could be smart about what to eat.

Read on for five more healthy perks from college.

  1. Amazing tracks: Sometimes my friend and I would jog up a hill to one of my school's 400-meter tracks. Having access to an uncrowded track with an amazing view made the arduous run up to it (almost) worth it.
  2. Olympic-sized swimming pools: Need I say more?
  3. Free time: Remember when you could enjoy the sunshine outside on a random Monday afternoon? Having free time during the day meant that I could go for a jog or just leisurely enjoy the fresh air.
  4. Campus treks: My college campus was large, and many times that meant rushing from one class to the next. All that huffing and puffing across campus was annoying, but great toning and cardio exercise.
  5. Green spaces: There's nothing more college-y than lounging on the commons and playing a game of Frisbee or throwing a football, and it helped keep me fit as well.
  6. PE classes for credit: If I felt like trying something new, from African dancing to jujitsu, I could enjoy a semester-long experience as part of my tuition.

What fitness perks do you miss most about college?

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Spectra Spectra 7 years
I miss the free gym and the awesome dining hall my dorm had. I lived in an all-womens' dorm and there were always a ton of healthy options to choose from. Plus, they had an awesome salad bar and they posted the nutritional content of everything. I loved really made losing weight easy for me. I started my freshman year about 50 lbs overweight and by sophomore year, I was 60 lbs lighter.
Yersinia Yersinia 7 years
As a current college student, I definitely appreciate some of these things more after reading this article. Walking really is a fantastic way to exercise without having to carve a lot of time out of your schedule.
amber512 amber512 7 years
All I really had was having to walk around everywhere! Big campus and lugging books around like Deidre said.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 7 years
I definitely miss the gorgeous gym, indoor and outdoor pools, and the health center. Not having insurance right now makes me miss it even more. Those were the days. And the free time, how I miss the free time.
runningesq runningesq 7 years
I took advanced swimming for 2 credits... it was just like swim practice. Get fit, get 2 credits, get an A. Awesome. I miss the rec center -- beautiful, new, 50m pool and 25m pool, four floors... and FREE.
Deidre Deidre 7 years
The biggest thing I missed (and the number one every day activity that kept me healthy) is walking everywhere. You get a great workout lugging your books around a big campus! Definitely more so than my current 40 minute train commute to work each day or sitting in traffic...
imLissy imLissy 7 years
my dining hall was more of a minus on the health scale than a plus, but I still miss their frozen yogurt! I did get a lot of exercise walking around campus. I lost 30 pounds my freshman year. I never took advantage of the gym or cheap classes. I wish I had. I would do college a lot differently now than I did. Mostly I just wanted to survive. I didn't enjoy myself at all.
glowingoasis glowingoasis 7 years
I actually lost weight my first year of college. I took dance classes for credit, walked to classes, and around campus for fun. I didn't have my car so I'd walk to the grocery store. I did a lot of eating in my room too, not the dining hall.
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