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You Asked: Alternatives For Lunges?

"Lunges are for losers. And I mean that in the most positive way. Really. You lunge you lose weight, cellulite, something. But here is my question: I can't lunge to save my life. Does anyone know any alternatives to lunges?"
- ArtChiQe

Lunges are great, but they are not for everyone, especially those of us with bad knees. You can try to replace lunges with squats, leg presses, or even reverse lunges. An alternative that I especially love are "Step Ups," because they work a lot of the same muscles that lunges would work. Here's how you do a Step Up:

  • Use a bench at the gym or find something about the height of a bench at home. You can also stack up a step bench — the adjustable steps used in step class.
  • With one leg, step up onto the bench. Then step back down.
  • Do three sets of 15 reps (on each leg).

Fit's Tip: If starting with the height of a bench is too difficult for you, find something lower and work your way up.


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