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Stop Hating Exercise and Start Loving It: Part V

Recently, I asked you guys to tell me all the things you dislike about exercising so that we can find ways to turn that hate into love. One thing that came up a lot is, "Once I'm working out I'm fine, but it's getting motivated to go that's the hard part."

It is true that actually stepping foot in the gym or outside for your run is half the battle of working out. When I am having a hard time motivating myself to go I tell myself, "It's just one hour — one hour and you can lay around and not feel guilty." If I am going to work out after work, I try to bring my stuff with me to work and go immediately. Going home from work and sitting on the couch is not an option because once I sink into to my couch, I'm not getting up to work out. No way.

Pump yourself up to go by playing upbeat music in the car or on your iPod. Look though a fitness magazine or browse FitSugar to get motivated. Put on your workout gear, since you'll feel weird taking them off if you never exercised in them. Tell everyone that you are going to work out, and you'll feel bad not going once you've bragged about it to all your pals. Plan a reward for when you're done breaking a sweat. Perhaps a stop in your favorite boutique? In the mornings, lay out your workout clothes beside your bed. Don't allow yourself coffee until after working out. Get a workout buddy, so you guys can help motivate each other, and you're accountable to someone other than only yourself.

Getting motivated is different for everyone but remember, stay away from that couch!

If you have your own ways of getting pumped up to exercise, share them in the comments section below.


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sandy82 sandy82 9 years
reading self magazine always motivates me.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 9 years
Honestly, reading fitness blogs like fitsugar and other sites or magazines helps to get me motivated.
bp99 bp99 9 years
i have an exercise book with all my motivating pictures. when i start tuning it out and not exercising, i flip a page and it's something new to get me out the door.
jemison jemison 9 years
Listening to music is usually the best motivator (Lil' John comes in handy after all) and self talk, "Think how great I'll feel, won't feel guilty if you see a skinny person, ect." It works for me:)
LeLeBabii5 LeLeBabii5 9 years
I love working out and when i feel the slightest loss of motivation definitely some upbeat music works like a charm. I love listening to techno it gets me moving in NO time! also, it doesn't hurt that a really cute guy works as a personal trainer @ my gym, and it makes it a treat to go work out everyday... no complaints here!
ur_momm ur_momm 9 years
when i see pictures of models and their flat abs!! i know it sounds sooo bad but that makes me think holy crap i want flat abs lol. i agree though, uppity music pumps me up.
ElectroPopTart ElectroPopTart 9 years
i get SUPER motivated when I check fitsugar =)
cassedy04 cassedy04 9 years
rivr, actually it wasnt (this time, lol) but i did promise that i'd make dinner, so we wanted to work out before we ate! sounds like you had a fantastic night though ;)
rivrchild rivrchild 9 years
Cassedy I did the same to my bf last night. I felt really energized to go for a jog after sex, and he surprisingly agreed to come along! i don't know how much fun he had, but it was great for me! (was sex the motivator? I'm not sure, but I think he thought we'd do it again once we got back.)
cassedy04 cassedy04 9 years
last night, my fitness buddy (my boyfriend) literally peer pressured me into exercising. "you know you want to," "it'll feel really good," the whole deal. he just badgered me into exercising with him and of course he was right - it felt so good to just get up and run.
XSofieX XSofieX 9 years
If I'm really down then I'll make myself listen to a really cheasy popsong or something and dance around a bit to get my body started - I'm always amazed at how fast upbeat music gets me ready for a workout even if I'm super tired! Just put on some of Britney's oldest (Crazy, Baby one more time) and you're good to go! seriously they work like a charm :)
Ava-Gardner Ava-Gardner 9 years
Oh my fingers must be fat today, what awful typos.
Ava-Gardner Ava-Gardner 9 years
I know it sounds crazy but I have my reward first. :o I do two spin classes and two weight sessions each week but have tot have a skinngy grande mocha beforehand!
suheilly13 suheilly13 9 years
I make a daily schedule and include the 1 hour fo workout. Then I have it planned and know that I have time for an hour workout after work.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
That's what I do to. I tell myself, ok, one hour and you are home free!!! I knwo that if I skip out I feel super bad, so I remind myself that if I don't go I'm going to feel crabby the rest of the night...
syako syako 9 years
Great tips. Another good one is to start attending an exercise class regularly, and make a few buddies in class. Believe me, if you miss a class they'll ask where you were! ;) Plus you can make some new fitness-minded friends. Another tip is to sign up for a race. If you know that in 6 weeks you've got to run a 10K, you'll be more motivated to go for that run so you don't have to walk your first 10K! It worked for me...
SummerBaby SummerBaby 9 years
this is like me.. if i dont work out right after work.. its not going to happeN! once i get home and relaxed im there to stay!.. soo i go RIGHT after work! :)
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