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Stop Hating the Gym and Start Loving It

If you are dreading moving your workouts indoors due to falling temperatures, let me help you learn to love, or at least tolerate, the gym. Here are some common reasons people hate hitting the gym, and solutions to help you overcome the hurdles.

I hate the gym because . . . The solution
It's too expensive. Go price hunting. There are so many different types of gyms that offer various services, so find one that fits your budget. Instead of paying $90 a month for a gym that has cardio machines, a weight room, classes, a pool, and a yoga studio, figure out what's most important to you and just pay for that. A gym down the street from me is only $10 a month for cardio and weight machines. Not bad at all.
It's too far away from my home. If you can't find a gym close to where you live, try to find one close to where you work. That way you can head over on your lunch break or after work.
The cardio machines are boring. Find a way to make them more enjoyable. I like to download audio books or podcasts onto my iPod. Listening really helps pass the time. Switching to different machines in one workout also helps beat boredom. Or try competing with a stranger.

To learn more ways to start loving the gym, keep reading.

I hate the gym because . . . The solution
I don't know how to use the equipment. That's what trainers at the gym are for! Many clubs will offer free sessions to show gym goers how to use all the equipment, so make an appointment to help you learn how to use everything safely and effectively.
I'm worried about getting sick. Although you can't live in a germ-free bubble, you can make your gym-time as clean as possible. Always wipe down equipment before you touch it, since you don't know who remembered to clean it after they were finished. Bring your own equipment to use like mats, resistance bands, and even dumbbells. Avoid touching your face, and wash your hands in between sessions (like after cardio and before you strength train). After you're done working out, hit the shower to wash away the germs.
It's always so crowded that I can never use the equipment I want. While it's true that there are peak times you can always expect to see tons of people, there are slow times at the gym as well. If you can rearrange your schedule, go mid-morning or mid-afternoon when gyms tend to be less populated.

If you avoid the gym for a different reason, tell me about it below.

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Join The Conversation
katie225 katie225 7 years
cardio machines are boring or you're tired of people "competing" with you? take a group exercise class! i haven't actually worked out on a cardio machine in months. i love going to the gym because it's not torture, i feel like i'm going to party and have a good time at my classes!
youbetcha youbetcha 7 years
I love my gym! It's a totally cheap ass gym with showers that barely function but it's very near my house and the people there are wonderful and friendly without ever engaging you in long chats or taking up your time. I can't believe I was so antisocial for almost a year, avoiding eye contact with others. Turns out some of these big buff guys are the loveliest, cuddliest people I ever met.
Autumns_Elegy Autumns_Elegy 7 years
Pssht. Keeping pace with someone else doesn't mean you have to stare at them, or let them know you're even noticing their existence. I compete with the person next to me all the time. I just listen to how fast their going and either try to keep pace, or go a touch faster. I'm either wired into my MP3 Payer, staring at a magazine or watching TV, so they don't know. Noones bothered and I get a better work out from it.
Akasha Akasha 7 years
Erin: I love you. You're my hero. I know they say that violence is never the answer, but sometimes it just depends on the question.
tylergrl33 tylergrl33 7 years
:( No one should be judged at the gym. The "judgers" are superficial & ugly inside! Anonymous, who cares what others think? Go back to the gym proud!
Akasha Akasha 7 years
How about I hate the gym because the one closest to me is a meat market and everyone there is more interested in looking good while running on the treadmill than running on the treadmill? One day there was a group of girls making fun of a heavy woman on the machine and they were loud enough that she could hear them and looked like she wanted to cry. I went over to tell them to stop and they were all like "we're motivating her". I've never seen her back at the gym.
Chicagomarie Chicagomarie 7 years
FitSuagr? do you ever listen to your readers?! I think every single comment on your last competing with a stranger idea was negative! Go actually read those comments and STOP posting this unhealthy idea!
Kimpossible Kimpossible 7 years
You know that common question "what's your favorite time of day?" Whenever I'm at the gym is my favorite time of the day. If I could be there all day I would, I love the gym.
lixystix lixystix 7 years
I love the gym this time of year because of classes! Most gyms include them with membership. It is so motivating to work out with others in a high energy environment when the sun goes down!
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