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Strength Training Bikini Workout From the Gals at Tone It Up

Bikini Body Bootycamp Workout Video From Tone It Up

If you enjoyed the Memorial Day stability ball workout from the Tone It Up group, here's another workout to help you feel confident in your bikini.

Hey it's Karena and Katrina from!
Here is the workout we do in our Celebrity Bikini Body Bootycamp! Below is your printable routine. Have a great workout.
Workout: Do each move 15-16 reps and repeat each circuit twice.

For a description of the workout


Squats with a Bicep Curl- (tones up the glutes, quads, biceps) Holding 5 to 8 lb dumbbells, stand with feet hip distance apart. Squat down, keeping your abs tight, weight in your heels, and make sure not to extend your knees past your toes. Return to standing position. With straight arms and palms facing outward, perform a bicep curl by lifting the dumbbells to your shoulders, then bring arms back to start position. Repeat, starting with Squat.
Deadlift with an Upright Row- (tones up the backs of the legs (the hamstrings), glutes, shoulders) Holding your dumbbells, stand with your feet hip distance apart, slight bend in the knee, and palms facing your thighs. Keeping your back straight and eyes looking forward, bend at the waist, letting the dumbbells hang to the floor. Use your hamstrings and glutes to pull your body back to start. As you rise, lift the dumbbells by raising your elbows until they reach your chest. Lower them back down to your waist, and repeat.
Figure Eight Back Lunges- (tones up the sides of the thighs, the glutes, quads, obliques) Stand with feet hip distance apart and holding an 8 to 10 lb dumbbell. Step the right leg back into a lunge. At the same time, sweep the dumbbell to the left, down and up in a half circle (half of the figure eight motion). Return to start position and repeat on the other side.
Overhead Triceps Extension- (tones up the backs of the arms) While balancing on one leg, hold a dumbbell straight overhead, slowly lower forearm towards head, then raise the dumbbell overhead again. Do this until failure.
CIRCUIT 2: Grab your exercise ball for this circuit!
Chest Press- (lifts the glutes, tones the hamstrings, chest, triceps) Holding your dumbbells by your chest, sit on the exercise ball and move your feet forward and roll out until your upper body is resting on the ball. Your booty should be in line with your shoulders, like a tabletop position. Hold this position and bring the dumbbells to your chest with palms facing forward. Using your chest muscles, bring the dumbbells upward. Lower and repeat.
Chest Flys- (lifts the glutes, hamstrings, chest) Stay in the tabletop position, bring your arms upward with dumbbells and palms facing each other. Slowly lower the weights down to your sides keeping a slight bend in your arms. Lift weights up to start position and repeat.
Triceps Extension- (tones up the glutes, hamstrings, triceps) Remaining in that tabletop position, extend your arms straight upward with your dumbbells and palms facing each other. Slowly lower your forearm towards your head and return to start position. Repeat.
Ball Incline Bicep Curl- (tones the biceps) From the tabletop position lower your hips to just above the floor. Rest your back and back of arms on the ball. Hold dumbbells close to the ground and slowly bring upward to just about your shoulders. return to start and repeat.
Ab Rollout- (tones the abs, shoulders) Start out standing, with your hands resting on a stability ball in front of you. Roll forward, allowing your arms to go out along the ball. You will be stretched out in a straight line, and your elbows will be centered over the ball. Return to the starting position and repeat.
Ball Leg Curl- (tones the hamstrings, glutes, calves) Lay on your back with arms to your side and palms facing down. With straight legs, place feet on top of the ball and lift your hips upward. Find your balance in this position. Using your hamstrings, roll the ball toward you while lifting your hips. Return to straight legs and repeat.
Leg Extension with a Crunch- (tones the inner thighs, abs) Hold the ball between and hold one dumbbell. Lay on your back with legs bent at 90 degrees and arms extended overhead with the dumbbell. At the same time as you straighten your legs crunch upward. Return to start and repeat.
Side Lunges with Front Raise- (tones the inner and outer thighs, glutes, shoulders) Standing with feet hip distance apart and holding one dumbbell by your hips, take a wide step to the left while at the same time, raising the dumbbell forward until shoulder height. Push back into the start position and repeat. After your work the left side, repeat on the right.
Tone It Up Tummy Tuck- (tones up and flattens the abs, sculpts the shoulders) Starting in a plank position, bring your left knee to left elbow while crunching your obliques. Return to starting position and repeat on right side.
Bent Row- (tones back) Kneel with hand on knee and dumbbell extended down towards floor. Pull dumbbell to up to side until it meets your rib cage. Lower back down and repeat.
Band Walk- (booty blaster!!! tones the glutes, hips, quads) Place a mini-band around both ankles and stand in a half squat position with feet hip distance apart. Step to the side, never letting the feet come close together. Step 15 to one side and 15 back.
AB CIRCUIT- (make sure your lower back is pressed into the ground the entire time) Do 20 of each move.
Lower body crunch
V Sit

If you love Karena and Katrina workouts, sign up for the Tone It Up community group.

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