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Strength Training With Clubbells at Equinox Fitness

Look Out For Clubbells

With the growing popularity of kettlebells, lifting weights has certainly become livelier. Now the clubbell has come to give both kettlebells and dumbbells a run for their money.

The clubbell resembles a small bat and can weigh between two and 10 pounds. I worked with a five-pound clubbell, and trust me, that is enough weight to swing around. I used a clubbell during a mini version of the Circular Strength class Equinox Fitness will soon be offering, and it was great. The clubbell is easy to maneuver and you can really swing it. Similar to a kettlebell, this swinging forces your core to work, but with the weighted club you have more range of motion than you would with a kettlebell. Using circular motions with a clubbell, you swing the weight away from your body, and then bring it back — challenging your balance and core as well loosening your joints. Just holding the club to do backward lunges increases the balance challenge dramatically. The Circular Strength class with this weight was interesting, challenging, and fun. It felt more like a martial arts dance class than a sculpt and tone class. Look for classes featuring clubbells to become popular in the next year, and if you can, check out a class at Equinox.


Eric-Kenyon-RKC Eric-Kenyon-RKC 8 years
Clubbells are awesome! But I see no advantage in the Clubbell as translated through the murky filter of Equinox. I recommend going to the source, Coach Scott Sonnon, a world authority on Russian martial arts, Prasara Yoga, and re-inventor of the Clubbell. Individuals within Equinox are still struggling to repair the ongoing damage of their kettlebell debacle.
Fitness Fitness 8 years
You are right 25yeartrainer, everything old is new again!
wiggle wiggle 8 years
I am always looking for a new way to strength train because I get bored easily and like the idea of this type of weight.
Chouette4u Chouette4u 8 years
I would be afraid of someone accidentally letting go and flinging it at someone
michlny michlny 8 years
I tried a kettlebell class at Equinox and didn't love it....but I like the sound of this better - I will definitely try it! Different strokes, for different folks :).
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