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Strength Training IS Important for Weight Loss

Losing weight (and keeping it off) is more complicated than the calories you eat being less than the calories you burn. Without strength training while dieting you risk losing lean muscle mass which is really important to keep your metabolism going.

Your muscles need energy to work, so the more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn over the course of a day. It works like this, for every pound of muscle you gain you will burn 35 to 50 more calories a day. Now that has got to be great incentive to add strength training into your routine if you are trying to lose weight.

Here is another inspirational fact for strength training to build lean muscle: we lose 5% of our muscle mass every ten years after age 35. If you do not intentionally build muscle through exercise you will need to eat 120 to 420 less calories a day to maintain your current weight if you are over 35. I just want to say it is never to early to start building lean muscle - no need to wait until you are 35. So why not start today?

There are so many advantages to strength training, including: benefits to your bones and cardiovascular health, reducing risk of Type 2 diabetes, and protecting your joints.

If you are looking to start a strength training program check out this 4 Minute Starter Arms video. It will get you pumping in no time.


deannalynn deannalynn 10 years
I am 5'4 and 123lbs. I have a gym membership, but I am nervous about using the machines for strength training. Any advice on how to get over this? I know it isn't proper gym etiquette to ask a random person to help, is it ok to ask someone who works there? Should I hire a trainer for a month to get the hang of it, or do you think once I get close enough to the machines (ha ha) I will figure it all out on my own? Thanks!
mandiesoh mandiesoh 10 years
its true i only lost weight after adding strength training to my regime! :D
amandasunly amandasunly 10 years
Oh my goodness really? I should start doing it more. I'm seriously weak right now in the fitness area. I just checked the starter arms workout out. It's great, because I happen to own a pair of 10-pound weights thanks to my dad and his crazy exercise period a couple of years ago. (He lost 10kg in three months thanks to a healthy diet and exercise!)
krisua krisua 10 years
Thanks! Finally someone talks some sense.
lovekailua lovekailua 10 years
ugh i hate strength training. probably because i never needed it until a few years ago and the 100 million machines at the gym are so intimidating. now i have no muscle tone at all :( i've been going to the gym for lots of cardio but i can not bring myself to use those machines. i might have to try smaller steps at home first.
SU3 SU3 10 years
and plus you notice a big difference in your posture and the way you walk - LOVE it!
reneemarie reneemarie 10 years
I totally agree! I started serious strength training last January, and I have since lost weight, and my body feels so much more strong and firm. The results have been simply amazing-- I'll never just do cardio anymore.
DesignRchic DesignRchic 10 years
Tis true! And once you start strength training, you won't stop. It's really rewarding when you start to notice how much more you can hold in your hand, or how strong you feel. I love it!
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