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Get Fit For 2010: Before and After

It is week 12 — the final week — of our Get Fit For 2010 giveaway. This week's challenge is to share your results from three months of healthy living. Check out FitSugar reader ooodalishis's before and after photos.

So, since January, I've lost exactly 5 pounds. It's not exactly earth-shattering, especially considering the quantitative fact that I log in 4 to 5 gym sessions weekly. But my fitness goals were not just to lose weight, but to increase strength — and, by the stack of plates on the ends of my barbells, I've been achieving that end at a very happy pace.

Weight aside, something happened this weekend that inspired the topic of this post. I met up with a friend who I hadn't seen for a couple of months, and he made the first aesthetic-related comment that alluded to a my 2010 fitness goals — he told me my posture looked great. Funny, right? Who comments on your posture? Who even pays attention? I absolutely beamed, though, because I am wholly guilty of slouching. It actually takes a little work to straighten up — which is why the celebrazines always tell you that it makes you look slimmer. You're not just sucking your belly in — you're actually utilizing your back, butt and core muscles to maintain poise.


After strength training for two months, I didn't have to consciously "flex" the muscles to stand up straighter — they were already engaged on account of being tighter! That an independent third party had noticed it was really a testament to the efficacy of all my work!

Whoa, looks like the Insert Image function works again. To illustrate both the (slight) aesthetic difference (check out my eroding muffin top and aforementioned posture), these are the photos taken of moi on January 30, 2010 — at 143.5 lbs exactly, and prior to any strength training:

To see her "after" photos


These are photos taken last night (March 29), whereupon I weighed in at 138.5 lbs. Drumroll for your girl, please:

Check out this side-to-side comparison of the two profile pictures. Much improved, no? This was an unexpected dividend of the program that I'm very pleased about! Not to mention — and this only just occurred to me — that improved posture has LIFELONG payoffs that basically delay the effects of aging — namely, the back pain that makes my mother so infernally cranky.

The Get Fit For 2010 giveaway is almost over so be sure to write up your before and after experience. By participating, you'll also be entered into the drawing for our weekly giveaway of a $100 Nike gift card as well as our awesome grand prize.

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