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Strength-Training Yoga Poses to Tone Thighs and Butt

Look Even More Smokin' in Your Yoga Capris: Reverse Warrior to Side Angle

Increase flexibility? Check. Increase blissfulness? Check. Increase how well your butt looks in your jeans? Check! Yoga is famous for making your muscles more supple and your mind calmer, but including strengthening yoga poses can also sculpt and tone, offering you a body that makes you proud and makes other people jealous!

If strong thighs and a shapely tush are what you're after, then try this strengthening sequence that targets the quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

  • Begin in Downward Facing Dog. Step your right foot forward, rising up into Warrior 1. Open your hips, arms, and chest into Warrior 2.
  • Inhale to lower your left hand to your left thigh or calf and raise your right arm overhead, arching toward the back end of your mat. Continue pressing the right knee forward, with the front thigh parallel to the floor. Hold Reverse Warrior for five breaths.

  • Inhale to rise up, plant the right hand on the floor beside your right foot, and raise your left arm over your ear, coming into Extended Side Angle. Hold here for another five breaths.

  • Now quickly alternate between these two poses, keeping the front quad still. Inhale to rise up into Reverse Warrior, and exhale to lower into Extended Side Angle. Repeat 10 to 15 times, step back to Down Dog, and repeat on the left side.

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