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Stress Can Affect Your Smile Too

Stress generally interferes with your desire to smile, but new research indicates that stress may actually have a detrimental impact on your gums. And that is definitely not worth smiling about.

Researchers found 57% of recent studies reviewed showed a relationship between gum disease and stress as well as related psychological symptoms like distress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. While researchers have not been able to pinpoint the connection, they do have 2 strong theories.

First, elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol may be the major culprit. In addition, stress may make people more lax about their oral health habits. When stressed, people tend to take up or increase bad habits involving use of nicotine, alcohol, or drugs.

Fit's Tip: Next time you are stressed try flossing your teeth for a little pick me up. I swear it helps your mood and your gums.


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