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Stressed Out? It's Alright to Cry

Stressed Out? It's Alright to Cry

I feel better after a good cry, do you? It is said that humans are the only animals that shed emotional tears. Crocodile tears just don’t really count now, do they?

Although still as yet unproven, scientists believe crying is an important stress release for a couple of reasons. One is that weeping, aka emotional crying, is probably a necessary biological action, since no human behavior has ever continuously evolved unless it somehow contributed to survival. Another is that tears might be a means of releasing toxins from the body, similar to sweating. Perhaps that is why so many folks feel better after a good cry. Not only is it emotionally liberating, it might just alter body chemistry a bit. In fact, emotional tears have a different chemical composition than tears caused by irritants, such as onions.

So if you feel stressed out and on the verge of tears, you should let them out. Find a place where you feel safe, and release the floodgates. It's alright to cry. Do you remember that song from the Free to Be You and Me soundtrack? Want to see the video of football great Rosey Grier singing it? Then


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