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I have received many requests from inflexible readers for stretches. So here is one of my favorites, especially for after a run since you can do it anywhere and you don't have to lie down to do it. It stretches the inner thighs (aka adductors) safely and effectively, and those inner thighs are often forgotten in a workout as well as stretching.

Inner Thigh Stretch hold stretch for 20 seconds or 5 long, slow breaths

  • Start in squat with your knees open, heels up and hands on the ground in front of you.
  • Put more weight on your right foot and straighten your left out to the side.
  • Don't jam your left knee, keep it slightly soft so you don't hyper-extend the joint.

Then switch sides. Stretch each side twice.

Don't forget to breathe while you are stretching and remember you should warm up for at least five minutes before doing any deep stretching.

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