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It seems that all forms of exercise, from running to ab work, makes for a tight back. Here's one of my favorite twists. I love that you don't have to touch the ground to do, so it is perfect to do after a run. A word of caution: If your back cracks easily, you'll probably hear a few pops with this stretch.

Want to know how to do it? Then


  • Stand with the right side of your body next to a tree. Bend your right knee up, so the outside edge of your knee is against the trunk.
  • Keep your left foot planted firmly and turn towards the right, walking your hands around the side of the tree.
  • Press your left hand into the tree and reach your right arm as far towards the right as you can. Stay here for at least 30 seconds. Then slowly walk your hands to the left, toward your right knee. Then release, placing your right foot back on the ground. Take a few breaths with your spine in a neutral position, and then do the other side.

Fit's Tis: If you're not outside, you can do this move against a wall, too.

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