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Strike a Pose: Closing Sequence

The Closing Sequence of Ashtanga Yoga is a powerful and grounding way to end a vigorous class. These particular poses are not limited to just Ashatanga; you can find many of them in other styles of yoga as well. So if you practice yoga, it's good to be familiar with this popular sequence. Plus if you ever experiment with Ashtanga you will be in the know. The poses are listed in sequence as they are done in class. To learn more about a particular pose, just click on the orange link to reach a full post dedicated to the pose.

Urdhva Dhanurasana
Do 3 times, holding each for 5 breaths
Seated Forward Bend
Hold for 5 breaths

Want to see the rest of the Closing Sequence? Then

Salamba Sarvangasana
Hold for 15 breaths
Hold for 5 breaths
Ear Pressure
Hold for 5 breaths
Balancing Lotus
Urdhva Padmasana
Hold for 5 breaths
Hold for 5 breaths
Hold for 5 breaths
Extended Legs
Uttana Padasana
Hold for 5 breaths
Bound Headstand A and B
Sirsasana A
Hold for 25 breaths

Sirsasana B
Hold for 5 breaths
Bound Lotus
Baddha Padmasana
Hold for 5 breaths
Hold for 10 breaths
Lifted Lotus
Hold for 100 Breaths (or as many as you can)
Hold until your heart rate and breath slow down to normal, for about 10 minutes
Join The Conversation
mrktmstr mrktmstr 9 years
Some of these are far from beginner poses, and since there is no disclaimer on the post, please be careful trying these at home if you're a beginner level person.
fashionhore fashionhore 9 years
I am a huge fan of ashtanga yoga but fish and bound headstand are tough! Sadly, I have to either modify them or skip them when doing my closing sequence.
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