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Strike a Yoga Pose: Half Hero Forward Bend

Since I'm a runner, I love yoga poses that stretch out my tight hamstrings, quads, and lower back. This pose stretches them all at the same time. If you love Hero pose and Seated Forward Bend, you're going to love this one.

Sanskrit Name: Trianga Mukha Eka Pada Paschimottanasana
English Translation: 3 Limbs Facing 1 Foot Western Intense Stretch Posture
Also Called: Half Hero Forward Bend

Want to know how to get into it? Then

  • Begin sitting on the ground with your feet straight out in front of you. Pull the fleshy part of your tush back so you are sitting directly on your sit bones (the bottom of your pelvis).
  • Bend your right knee and pull your right foot close to your hip, with the top of your foot touching the floor. If your calf feels squished, reach underneath it (in the space between your calf and your thigh) with your right hand and pull your calf muscle up. If you can, try and wrap the arch of your foot around your bum cheek. If bending your knee this way is painful, straighten your leg out and do Head to Knee pose instead.
  • If this is feeling pretty good, you can fold forward over your left leg and reach your hands toward your foot. Try and keep your spine long. If you're loving it, you can work on touching your forehead or chin to your leg.
  • Stay here for 5 breaths or more, than sit up, slowly straighten out your right leg in front of you and then switch to the other side.

Fit's Tips: If doing this pose bothers your bent knee, but you still want to try and work on it, place a yoga block underneath your bum. Raising your hips will take pressure off of your knee.

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