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Strike a Yoga Pose: King Pigeon

It's so important to include backbends in your stretching routine. Not only do they increase flexibility in your spine and neck, but they also stretch your abs, hip flexors, shoulders, and chest. This pose is a combination of Bow and Cobra and it's one of my favorites.

Sanskrit Name: Raja Kapotasana
English Translation: King Pigeon Pose
Also Called: Cobra Bow

Want to know how to get into it? Then


  • Lie on your belly. Bring your legs together so your knees are touching. Extend your arms straight out in front of you.
  • Begin to slowly walk your hands toward your torso, keeping your hips and thighs on the ground, but gently arching your lower back, coming into Cobra. Walk them in as far as you can, keeping your elbows slightly bent. Actively roll your shoulders back and down away from your ears, elongating your neck.
  • Bend your knees and lower your head between your shoulder blades. Work on touching your toes to your head.
  • Stay here, opening through your chest, and take five deep breaths. Then slowly lower your chest back to the ground.
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