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Depending on what kind of yoga class you are taking some start off seated and some start off standing. However the class begins physically, it's always important for you to begin your personal practice mindfully.

Sanskrit Name: Tadasana

English Translation: Mountain Pose

If the instructor offers you a moment of meditation in the beginning of class, use this time to bring yourself into your body.

Try to let go of any thoughts about your day: what you forgot to do, who you need to call, or a disagreement you may have had, then connect with your body in the present moment. After all this is what yoga is all about.

Before you begin moving, create your intention. Bring your awareness inward to your breath and focus your energy on a person, an aspiration, a dream, a hope, a purpose, or something you wish to change in the world or in your life.

While seated, or standing at the front of your mat in Mountain Pose, create a space for your mind and body to be free, steady, and aware. For the entire practice and with each inhale and exhale, try to stay present and focus on that intention.

Through your yoga practice, you strengthen your spirit by connecting with yourself, which in turn, opens your heart and your mind. So when you step off your mat and into the world, you'll feel strong and confident to handle anything.

Try to get out of your mind that you wish your leg was straighter, or that you could hold a handstand for 10 breaths. It's not about what the poses look like, it's about moving and breathing, feeling good, and honoring you.

Join The Conversation
mandiesoh mandiesoh 10 years
i've not done yoga in ages (weeks? months??) :( need to get back to doing it!
wiggle wiggle 10 years
totally like the idea of thinking about intention before diving into the poses. i like to mediate at the beginning of class. it really helps me to focus.
Fitness Fitness 10 years
I agree - it doesn't really matter if you get to an hour and a half class, or work a few poses in while you're waiting for the bus. It all feels good.
Butrfly4404 Butrfly4404 10 years
That's a good idea...I wish I could get into a class. Right now my 'teacher' is the dumb girl from the DVD's. My new way to fit yoga into my schedule is to just do a couple poses when I get the chance. My new favorite is Tree, because I can finally stand without falling and I feel like so much stronger and centered when I'm done. And knowing that I took that minute for myself feels good, too!
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