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Strike a Yoga Pose: Sage Half Bound Lotus

Balancing poses are really fun to try and they also perfect your posture and muscle control. After trying Beginner's Sage and Sage Tree, I think you're ready for a more challenging variation: Sage Half Bound Lotus. If the name makes it sound challenging, that's because it is. The challenge is part of the fun.

Sanskrit Name: Vasistha Ardha Bada Padmasana
English Translation: Sage Half Bound Lotus Pose

To learn how to do this pose


  • Begin in Downward Facing Dog pose. Step both feet together so your big toes are touching.
  • Now move your right hand over to the left so it's at the upper center of your mat.
  • Step your right foot forward two inches, and plant the sole of your right foot firmly on the mat so your toes are pointing to the left.
  • Then roll over to your right side and lift your left hand off the mat, coming into a side plank. Lift your left leg up bending your left knee and use your left hand to pull your heel in front of your right hip so it's in Half Lotus. Reach your left arm around your lower back and hold onto your left big toe. Gaze toward the ceiling. Engage your right fingertips so you can take some pressure out of your wrists. Stay here for five deep breaths, trying to keep your core strong and the pose steady.
  • Release your left hand back to the mat and move your right hand back where it was near the top right corner of your mat. Separate your feet so you are in a top of a push-up position (what I call Plank). Now take a vinyasa and come back to Downward Facing Dog. Then do this pose on the other side.
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rw115 rw115 8 years
That pose looks pretty tough! But I like the simple instructions for the different poses.
rw115 rw115 8 years
That pose looks pretty tough! But I like the simple instructions for the different poses.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
When I saw this this morning I just said "woah." I think I'd break something if I tried it :)
miss-malone miss-malone 8 years
Looks good!
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