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Strike a Yoga Pose: Standing Hand to Big Toe A

Many yoga poses stretch out your hips and hamstrings, so after a while, you can use the flexibility you achieve to do more difficult poses. This one stretches the backs of both legs, while challenging your sense of balance at the same time.

Sanskrit name: Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana A
English translation: Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose A
Also called: Standing Hand to Big Toe A

  • Stand with your big toes touching. Put all your weight into your left foot, and lift your right foot up. Bend the knee so you can grab onto your right big toe with the first two fingers and thumb of your right hand. Bring your left hand to your hip.
  • From here, work on straightening your standing leg first (left leg), and then you can work on straightening your right leg.
  • Try to lengthen through your spine, balancing with both legs straight. Stay here or if that is easy, fold forward towards your extended leg.
  • Hold for five deep breaths, then release your right foot back to the ground. Try this pose on the other side.
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