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Strike a Yoga Pose: Tripod Balance

The tripod balance pose works on your shoulder strength, your core muscles, and your balance.

  • Make sure you try this on a padded surface, so your head and hands are on equal ground - if your mat is thin, fold it in half.

  • Kneel on your mat. Place the crown of your head on the ground.
  • Place your hands on the ground about 8-10 inches in front of your face. They should be shoulder-width distance apart, so they are directly below your elbows - you'll be able to see your hands.
  • Now place your right knee on your right tricep. Then place your left knee on your left tricep.
  • Stay here balancing for 5-10 breaths, and then come down and rest in child's pose.

Have fun practicing - do it in front of a wall if you're nervous about falling over. But it's no biggie - everyone falls. After all, we weren't born on our heads.

Make sure to practice this one because it'll get you ready for the next Yoga Challenge. To check out the previous challenge poses, go to It's a STRETCH: Fit's Yoga Challenge group.

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