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Struggling With Weight Gain After College

An OnSugar Blog Gets Real About Weight Gain

Weight loss is no easy journey, and the following story told by the OnSugar blog, Lynsanity: Healthy Recipes Even He Will Eat is one that many of us may find familiar. This is her first blog post, so let's welcome her to the community!

I have always been on a diet. ALWAYS. I was quite plump at a young age and my mother put me on one. In fifth grade my favorite after school activity was Tae-Bo, and in high school Xenedrine still had phen-phen in it and was $18.99 at Longs. Up until high school, I am pretty sure I was around the same size since eight grade — I could wear the same jeans from freshman through senior year— and no matter how extreme my diet or workout routine became, my weight always juggled 5-10lbs.

Then college came — hello 10 lbs! Then work came, no one prepares you for 8hr+ days and what a toll that takes on your body! (I mean, yes, there are long classes in school, but after five hours you get up and walk half a mile to the next one!) Then I moved: the emotional strain (good and bad); the physical exhaustion of looking for a new place, making new friends, and finding your new favorite watering hole. When I moved to San Francisco last April, I lost 12lbs instantly, walking everywhere, running around, stressing about little things. And after about a month I gained it all back plus some . . . blah blah story of my life. Then I got the boyfriend — hello comfort weight! Well, finally I woke up one morning and thought . . . nope, not any more.


Read the rest of 2-4-1's story after the break!

I know I am not the only person suffering from having to cook two meals when going through — not a diet — a lifestyle change. I have taken my trainer-approved recipes and cooked them for myself with slight alterations to satisfy my man's appetite. In between recipes, I will also gripe about both loathing the gym and/or my love for my workout club! Enjoy and thanks for reading!

To hear more of my story and see my 2-4-1 recipes, visit my blog, Lynsanity.

Start your own OnSugar blog, and we may feature your healthy journey on our homepage!

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