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Summer Run Annoyances and Their Cures

5 Summer Run Annoyances and How to Deal With Them

I'm not complaining. I love Summer weather. The sunshine, warm breezes, birds chirping, and flowers blooming inspire me to head outside for my runs, plus I'm so loving just slipping on shorts and a tank top instead of tons of layers. There are just a couple things that I hate about Summer runs, so if these are bothering you too, here are some ways to deal with them.

  1. Bugs flying in my eyes: Why do bugs love eyes so much? It's so gross. I make sure to always wear sunglasses on my Summer runs, and if I'm trail running or mountain biking, I spritz some bug spray on my clothes to help keep them away.
  2. Sweat dripping down my chest: I thought I was alone on this one, so it's not something I normally would share, but a fellow fit friend said she too hates it when sweat drips down her cleavage. My remedy? I stuff a bunch of tissues down there (no one can tell), and it absorbs the sweat so I don't feel tickled or itchy.

I'm not through venting so keep reading.

  1. Getting sunburned in weird places: I've endured sunburns on my ears, on my back through the hole that my sports bra makes, and on my chest right above my tank top. It's not only painful, but I know it's also harmful to my skin. To prevent bizarre burns, I get naked and load up on the SPF before putting on my running clothes. That way I'm sure not to miss an inch.
  2. The humidity: When there are high levels of moisture in the air, it makes an 80-degree day feel even hotter. Plus with my asthma, the air is tough to breathe. On days when humidity levels are soaring, I run early in the morning or late at night, bring water with me to periodically pour on my head and face, run in the woods, and take walking breaks when I need too.
  3. Breaking out, and not just on my face. The heat makes me sweat so much, I look like I've just showered. I end up getting blemishes on my face and my back; it's so embarrassing. Wearing a sports bra and top made of moisture-wicking material is key here, and I lube myself with sunscreen that says "won't clog pores" on the label. But what I found helps the most is showering as soon as I get home from my run. I use loofah gloves to gently exfoliate dry skin, and once the sweat and dead skin cells are gone, my skin is less prone to break out.
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