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Reality Check: Model Milla Worked Her Big, Little Butt Off

Milla Jovovich just made my day. I have to smile whenever I hear supermodels or celebrities admit they have to work insanely hard to achieve their postpregnancy bodies, and this model mom told her story about struggling to lose 70 pounds after giving birth in November 2007. She's in the business of looking amazing, so her ability to get back to work depended on shedding the dozens of pregnancy pounds.

The stunning supermodel said she slimmed down with "Diet and lots of exercise, I worked my big, little butt off," adding "It’s been a lot of work and I’ve been working with Harley Pasternak and his 5-Factor program, they actually have diet food sent to my house. At one point I just ate oatmeal, salmon, and artichokes every day for a week. It was definitely a lot easier putting it on!"

Milla isn't holding back the real deal behind what it took to lose 70 pounds. Not only did she have a professionally prescribed diet plan, she had the food delivered to her house and was extremely limited on what she was allowed to eat. It's a refreshing reminder about the resources available to models and celebrities that might not be accessible to us, and I commend Milla for her honesty and hard work at the gym.


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