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Swimming Pool Chemicals Linked to Cancer

Study Links Swimming Pool Chemicals to Cancer

I'm not gonna lie, but this piece of news has me kind of sad: a small study is linking swimming in chlorinated pools to cancer. In the first of three studies, Spanish researchers looked at the effects of 49 healthy adults who spent 40 minutes swimming in an indoor chlorinated pool. Genetic indicators from blood and urine samples from the participants pointed to an increase in cancer risk and respiratory effects like asthma.

What's a gal to do, especially since cooler temps mean more indoor swim sessions? First off, researchers are not suggesting that we stop swimming. It's a new study in its beginning stages, so the long-term effects — if any — of swimming in chlorinated waters is still unknown. Chlorine is still the common chemical used to disinfect pools, but many fitness centers are starting to disinfect their pools with a low chlorination system. Also, be sure to shower with soap and water immediately after exiting the pool; this will wash off any residual effects that may be on your body.

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