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TRX Beginner Tips

Prepare Yourself For the TRX Challenge

Perhaps you've seen people at your gym grunting and gasping when using the TRX suspension system. For a beginner, TRX may seem intimidating, but Angelica Gonzalez, a certified TRX trainer at Crunch fitness offers up some helpful TRX tips, so you are better prepared to enjoy this Navy Seal-inspired workout at your gym.

What to wear: Wear tennis shoes and comfortable, tight fitting clothing that won't get in your way. Don't wear running shorts, because you might unintentionally flash the class. Bring a towel, because you will be sweating.

When to arrive: Every gym has a different system, but at Crunch, the sign up sheet is put out an hour before class. Ask the gym receptionist what you should expect in terms of class popularity. For your first class, be sure to approach the instructor and let them know it's your first time. Your instructor should also be aware of any old injuries, past surgeries, or health conditions that you have.

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How to set up: Lay out your mat underneath the TRX straps, and double up mats if you have any knee issues. Be sure that your mat is in the center of the anchor point (the hook on the ceiling where the suspension straps are attached). The TRX straps are designed to move up and down depending on the exercise. However, for beginner classes, Angelica recommends adjusting the straps so the loops are barely touching the tops of your tennis shoes.

How to be aligned: Always stay centered to the anchor point. No matter how far or back you are from the anchor point, make sure the middle of your chest runs across the same line as the anchor point. Stabilize the body by actively retaining the tension in the suspension straps. Avoid gripping the handles. Keep your knuckles, wrists, and elbows in a straight line. Keep your shoulders down, neck lengthened, and ribs and abs contracted.

What to expect: Prepare to take the exercises smaller than bigger. A full version might be too much and might put too much pressure on the joints. Little by little you can train up to the full position. Breathe through the movement, and listen to your body if you need to take a break. Try to avoid comparing your level to the rest of the class. With time and practice, you will build strength and endurance.

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