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Take a Break Already: Stretch Break

For obvious reasons I am not one to knock blogging. However many of us bloggers often forget to actually step away from the computer every once in a while. This can lead to muscle (and eye) aches and pains.

I love giving myself reminders but it's also nice to have the reminders ready to go which is why Stretch Break ($44.95) is a great product because it will not only remind you to take a break but also lead you through a few stretches. Stretch Break flashes a box on your screen every 30 minutes (or however often you like) with directions for three quick body and eye stretches. Keep your volume low because it plays soothing music, too (which could be more annoying than soothing to your coworkers). Stretch break is a great way to prevent and reduce stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, so you can go back to blogging, or whatever it is that you do on a computer all day.

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joyofadventure joyofadventure 10 years
this sounds cool, and thanks for adding the mac site!
groby groby 10 years
Funny - the picture you used is for a Mac, while StretchBreak is a PC app. If you are a Mac gal, check out MacBreakZ instead. (
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